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Originally Posted by Oldskool Bitz View Post
but I would've been very disappointed after all these promises Bullfrog made...
He he, a recurring mistake made by a certain person was born right there and then
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I have to say that I once saw the SNES version of Syndicate and I just thought how horrible it looked, with the big chunky figures with the absurd anime hair. Reminded me more of the game "Cyberpunks" than the gritty Sci-Fi style Syndicate was known for.
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Old 24 February 2013, 22:43   #23
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I started playing Syndicate again a few days ago and till now have conquered almost the whole world save South America.

Somehow the game was more challenging or should I say engaging in my memories, back then I always equipped my agents with flamethrowers becasue it was so much fun standing behind a corner and roasting the enemy
Nowadays I just pick a few miniguns and lasers and rush through the levels. It's really too easy just entering panic mode and letting your agents do all the wetwork, I find myself more and more keeping the brain drug to zero so I actualy have to fire the guns myself, much more fun this way but also dangerous if lots of enemies are approaching from different directions

Here's a cool fanpage about the Syndicate games if anyone is interested.


And another one about Syndicate Wars map editing

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Old 07 November 2016, 23:59   #24
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Does anyone habe details where to get the American Revolt Missions? As far as I remember the full version must be ordered...
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Old 08 November 2016, 00:38   #25
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It could only be ordered from Amiga Format at the time. I'm sure you could find an ADF easily enough, but the original disks are relatively rare so you might pay a bit on eBay...
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Old 08 November 2016, 00:47   #26
Truth seeker...
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I remember a GamesMaster magazine interview of Bullfrog/Peter Molyneux around Christmas 1993.

In it Peter Molyneux talks about the development of Syndicate and how it was much more violent to start with. He said there were mums pushing babies in prams as well as puppies wandering around. It was quite funny, I recall him saying they gave the game to the testers who objected to the violence allowed on the puppies - but not the mums with prams.
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Old 08 November 2016, 09:31   #27
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I remember reading in Amiga Format (CD32 supplement?) about a version they were developing which you could enter buildings. I think it then might have gone 1st person inside buildings.

Anyway it sounded 'the future' and I was very excited. Shame it did not materialise (or the power of AMIGA's not leaping up to allow it).
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Old 08 November 2016, 22:38   #28
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Maybe it was with Alcatraz style, 2D graphics with first person view.
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Old 08 November 2016, 22:45   #29
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There is an official guide for both Syndicate and American revolt. A nice book, I have it.

One mission solution for American revolt is really funny: there is exactly described where to go, where to shoot from and which weapon to use. And suddenly you can read:

"Use airstrike. Note: in Amiga version there is no airstrike available, solve the mission some other way!"
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Old 09 November 2016, 16:53   #30
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Fantastic Game !

After I beat it the first time, I played through again with One Agent.

Sometimes I'd load it up and go around with Flame-Throwers and kill everybody.
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Old 10 November 2016, 00:05   #31
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Persuading the entire city so they all followed you like sheep. Then execute the lot of them with the Gauss gun.
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Old 08 December 2016, 13:39   #32
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Amazing game.

-Minigun sound, which got even better when I connected my Amiga to my NAD amp. Jeeeez.

-Building up the add-ons for my squad, then going back to earlier levels and ANNIHILATING everyone so hard.

-My A500 slowing down to about 1 frame per minute when a big explosion happened.

-Completely the last level and actually feeling a genuine sense of accomplishment.
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I had played the PC version a little bit, was shocked with the much superior graphics and the bigger variety in the vehicles, didn't know there was also weapons missing in the Amiga version...

I loved Syndicate, the gameplay was very fun and the atmosphere was amazing.

Some stuff I remember:

Putting taxes on the countries of the first 2 missions extremely high. They would generate me a fair amount of revenue, but then I had to play them again and again dozens of times

Like the OP said, getting the uzi in the first mission and being like "oh!"

Persuade everyone because fuck it, that's fun as hell, and you can use then has human shields then the game crawls because there are too many people on screen. Then the guy you really have to persuade and bring back is in the middle of hundreds of people persuaded and you don't know who he is and can't win the mission because you basically screwed the game, hehehe.

The first time I fired a Gauss Gun I was like "HOLY SHIT!", and the shots completely missed everything and got a train on the other side of the screen and stuff was blowing and I was like "OH MAN OH MAN HOLY SHIT".

The last mission also took me lots and lots and lots of tries.

And the *amazing* ending, heh.
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Old 09 December 2016, 01:59   #34
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Imagine if Syndicate was an RPG where you could go into each building, visit shops, speak to NPCs and do missions in the cities...

I'll just leave this here...

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Old 31 December 2016, 00:29   #35
Pat the Cat

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Truly an awesome game. Gameplay off the scale, in terms of destructive satisfaction.

It is actually a bit easier with an accelerated Amiga, although it is the sound that really brings life into it. and you get the same sound on all Amigas. Indeed, i know of one individual who went out and got extra hardware, just to finish the game.
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Originally Posted by apex View Post
Does anyone habe details where to get the American Revolt Missions? As far as I remember the full version must be ordered...
You can download it from the Amiga Magazine Rack. Amiga Format coverdisk 59b (May 1994) should be it. I don't know, but I guess it could possibly be on the EAB server too.
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Old 10 January 2017, 16:47   #37
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That's only a demo disk, you needed to order the full version of American Revolt from Amiga Format to play all the levels.
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The Mac version of Syndicate has the same higher-res graphics of the PC version and plays fine on Shapeshifter with an 040, depending on what graphics card you have. Maybe with certain External drivers it's ok on AGA as well.
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