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Question Fast State Save

Is there a fast possibility to save states in WINUAE to RAM or HD by pressing only one key like in CCS64... ? It seems that something like this has been implemented long time ago (s. below).

WinUAE 0.8.22 Release 1
- fast RAM state save fix

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Different memory types

I think this fix referred to fast memory (not chip RAM) save states (that is save states saving the content of the fast memory) and not to fast (quick) memory save states.
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I wonder if there's still no possibility to save states with a hotkey !?

@Toni: Is it hard to implement... ?

It's not very nice in a game to press F12, change to Misc Tab, press Save State, entering filename... Is there really no other option... ? The whole game-play feeling is gone...

Maybe I can do it with a hotkey macro program... !?


- HOME + F5 opens state restore dialog and SHIFT + HOME + F5 opens state save dialog

Well, this is a first step, but not exactly what I want. It interrupts the game play as well... Using a user defined hotkey and default filename would be better...

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Like the name of the disk in the drive, or similar (If playing a disk based game)

So if Pinball Dreams disk 1.adf is in drive 0 then the save state would be Pinball Dreams disk1.ss (Or whatever the extension for the savestates are!!)

If there is no disk in df0: then df1: is used etc...

If there are no disks in the drives then it brings up the save-state requester
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Originally posted by bippym
Like the name of the disk in the drive...
Perfect. Very good idea. Maybe with a (very) short acknowledgement message that disappears automatically... (like in CCS64)
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Toni Wilen
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Good idea but I am running out of useful key shortcuts...
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Well then, what about Hotkey-Settings ? So every user can set hotkeys and leave unneeded out ?!?
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Quite honestly, I think that if you used the name of the floppy in drive 1 as a default save state filename, you would find that you didn't like that solution very much after all. For games that require disk swaps from time to time, this could get quite confusing depending on what disk was in drive 1 when you did a save or restore. I would suggest that a better solution could be to use the description entered for the config file as a default save state filename, or to add a new field to the GUI where you could specify the filename to use. One advantage of the latter suggestion would be that if it were done this way, HOME+F5 and SHIFT+HOME+F5 could automatically restore and save using this name without bringing up the dialog when you were using a config where a filename had been defined. If no filename was defined, then those hotkeys could behave the same way they do now. This would make the GUI a bit more complex, but it wouldn't burn up another hotkey.
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