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Old 01 April 2015, 20:30   #21
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Finally threw together my plipbox and put the 0,6 firmware into it.

Tested it with the 68000 version of both Miami and Roadshow, and it works great!
AmiFTP transfers from an FTP server on the local network is about 64-70KB per second, with 68HC000 clocked at 28MHz. That transfer speed is about 20 times faster than my serial PPP solution, so I'm pretty much happy with it!

But I notice that if I reboot the Amiga the plip fails to get an internet connection after reboot and stack startup unless itself is also reset (I push the reset button on the Arduino).
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Old 15 July 2015, 15:13   #22
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got mine all setup.

Made a video of it, including how to configure MiamiDX with it if you are interested

[ Show youtube player ]
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Old 16 July 2015, 00:32   #23
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Thank you lallafa for continuing to update this.
I built one for my 2000 a bit back using the pollin avr kit (I thought i had orderd the module but my german sucks so I had to solder it together and program the blank bootloaderless avr with a arduino as a isr etc).
I mounted it inside the 2000 case by desoldering the parport and putting a header cable on and mounting the box inside the case with just a rear ethernet port. Its been plenty fast enough for what I need ethernet on a 2000 for and I power it off the 5v available inside the case from the original psu having done the jumpers instead of diodes and a link over the 7805 reg.
Theres a suitable case for the pollin boards on thingiverse if people have access to a 3d printer. I printed the lower half twice but mirrored for the lid as the thingiverse one also has space for a lcd which I didnt need but I coundn't be arsed redrawing it in cad without.

I use mine with amitcp, I shall read up tomorrow if I can use this release once sober and reflash my avr with it.
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Old 16 July 2015, 08:43   #24
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My internal version:

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Old 24 July 2015, 01:24   #25
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What prevents building a plipbox with a wifi module (ESP8266 f.ex) instead of ethernet? I guess nothing, except modified plipbox.device and a tool to do scanning and configuration of wifi.

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Old 30 January 2016, 16:12   #26
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I just built one but I'm not getting it working.

If I flash 0.6 and use 0.6 plipbox.device I get no errors in MiamiDX but I'm also not getting IP. If I flash 0.5 and use 0.5 plipbox.device I get a error in MiamiDX saying: "Error (3,1) trying to configure the SANA-II device."

I have tried it on my A1200 with Apollo 1230 @ 50Mhz and on my A4000 with A3630 @ 25 Mhz. I'm using the 020 plipbox.device. If I use my 3com PCMCIA card on the A1200 all works fine and I get IP and can use internet.

I have measured all the connections between paralellport and arduino connection on the ethernet shield.

Anyone have any idea how to get this working?
Old 30 March 2016, 06:53   #27
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got my plipbox working last night only on amitcp 3.0b2, doesnt seem to like any later versions of amitcp. is that right?
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Old 30 March 2016, 15:44   #28
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Originally Posted by zharn View Post
got my plipbox working last night only on amitcp 3.0b2, doesnt seem to like any later versions of amitcp. is that right?
No, it should work with any stack supporting SANA2, which should be any version of AmiTCP.
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Old 15 April 2016, 03:00   #29
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Having trouble flashing firmware to my Pollin AVR-NET-IO. Please kindly reply at here: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?...15#post1083815
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Old 23 January 2021, 01:34   #30
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Hi I have just bought my first plipbox for use on my amiga 500+/aca500/blizzard accelerator with 32mb and 1230iii scsi for my cd rom. Im using a hypercom 1 for connecting my lantronix uds-1100 to access bbs sites with Ncomm and JRcomm. So i've decided to try this plipbox out. Now i have installed EasyNet with the upgraded disk from amigakit and when setting up the network device i'm trying to try and use plipbox with easynet. I can see there is plipbox.device on the list but since finding out i need the plipbox device driver in my devs:network so im about to try again. Has anyone used the plipbox with EasyNet? and any help is appreciated.
I've not received any help or support from the seller of the plipbox ive asked for the so called pdf and miami/miamiDX that comes with it which i was expecting after i purchased but no reply? So i've now had to resort to google and forums.
I've used MiamiDX some years ago on my a1200 mediator setup and remember it timing out after 30minutes so had to download a keyfile to stop this happening will i need to do this again with the plipbox when i eventually get round to trying Miami?

I've downloaded plipbox-0.6 and got the plipbox.device driver for the 040 processor but im reading something about updating the firmware in the downloaded pack and how do i connect my plipbox to my pc for firmware transfer?
Sorry for all the questions i've been of the retro scene for a while and since coming back i finally worked out how to get the 1230iii scsi kit working on my blizzard 1230 with my external cd rom. So now i want to try this plipbox for file transferring.

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