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cheeky scoundrel
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Shaft (netflix)

So then there was a new Shaft movie, which is just called "Shaft" but it is in fact the same Shaft character as we saw in the previous Shaft movie a long time ago, reprised by Samuel L. Jackson who really has not aged a bit. Gee, Netflix, had no inspiration for the title?

The story also is not anything to write home about; Shaft now has a son of his own but because he's Shaft and always in danger is not allowed to see him ever since junior was a baby, causing a big family crisis. Of course Junior becomes an FBI agent and they're forced to work together on a case, rebuild their relationship, etc. etc. The baddies of choice: drug dealers.

I must say that during the first 30 minutes of the movie, I had already given up hope. It looked like a modern day Steven Seagal movie where Samuel L. Jackson pretends to still be a cool badass but he's just sitting around on chairs most of the time just belting out some tired dialogue while younger actors do all the work.

Luckily I stuck with it because when this movie finally starts going... it keeps going. It turns into a really cool action comedy flick that never stops to entertain. It is self-aware, breaks the fourth wall, is not afraid to make references, has a good soundtrack (well the classic songs anyway) and is all in all just really slick.

Worth it, but be warned that it begins way too slow.

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Bo Bo

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Child's Play (2019)

This is like a reboot of the original and yes it's ok, better than the more recent Films in the series but the story has changed abit .
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Stuck in the 80s

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Scarlet Street (1945)


Not as good as 'Woman in the Window' from the previous year but still good film-noir none the less.... quite a depressing film to watch - seeing the downfall of Christopher Cross (Edward G. Robinson) is quite something.

I've just ordered the following on Laserdisc... (there is a DVD but that's not the way I do things)

'It' (1927)

Will be my first silent movie with legendary Clara Bow. I'm currently looking at more 'silents' to add to the collection - shame that so many of them are destroyed or 'lost' now
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cheeky scoundrel
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Damn dude, I guess it's like music; if you don't like what's coming out new, you go back into the past for your fix
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cheeky scoundrel
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Enemy. The last in the (English) line of Villeneuve movies I had yet to see.

You know when a movie is good? When at the ending of it all people in the room loudly say "WTF!?!?!?!?" at the same time

The premise: the movie follows two people whom at the beginning of the movie do not know that the other exists; both played by Jake Gyllenhaal and in the movie they are identical to each other, down to a scar they have on their stomach. Are they twins? Or is something else going on? Even though physically they are identical, their personalities and life choices are anything but. That quickly escalates into a very disruptive and abusive relationship.

It's a thinker, and an odd one. At no time during the movie is the world that the characters run around in hostile; it looks like average pretty dull and repetitive lives being played out. And yet - at all times was I uncomfortable like something could happen at any time, like society itself was the enemy. Something feels off, something unnatural. And as the movie progresses, that feeling only grows stronger. Things happen that shouldn't happen. People say things they shouldn't say. People know things they shouldn't know.

But the movie never spells anything out; it shows you things, tells you things and then leaves you to try and picture the events together yourself to create the truth behind the odd duo. The movie constantly plays with different perspectives as you switch between the two characters; since they're so similar you have to pay close attention to details to see which one you're actually following at certain points. It is quite a thrilling experience, which is kind of special for a movie in which not very much actually happens. No death, no war, no real crime at all. No conflicts in the usual sense, yet the movie portrays nothing but conflict; conflict of self, conflict of interests, conflict of character, conflict of life. Quite unique.

And the ending... woof. It caught me off-guard, I'll tell you that. But please go experience it for yourself unspoiled.

I must admit by the end of it I had to see a Youtube video to have it explained to me, I just lack the cinematic vision to see the abstract order of events taking place and then seeing the actual meaning behind it. That did not take away anything from the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, even if it made me feel uncomfortable for most of it. Its a good discomfort, one that makes you think and question everything. A bit like a classic David Lynch movie, but then without disturbing imagery or sounds.


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Lesser Talent
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Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
the Blues Brothers (1980).

I was bored, zapping through a disappointing Netflix line up and then all of a sudden: the Blues Brothers. I was like "Wow, that's a blast from the past". I could remember some scenes but I kind of forgot about it. So I start it up, expecting to be mildly entertained.

First 10 minutes: Why did I like this as a kid?

The rest of the movie: I'm in stitches. Cop cars just being drawn to windows like magnets. Like - magnets. It's like they're aiming for anything that is not the path in front of them, I was wetting myself.

And then: princess Leia firing a bazooka into a building that Jake & Elwood want to enter (a bazooka that makes laser sounds no less). They get covered in rubble and just dust off and walk away like nothing even happened.

Princess Leia then blows up the building with explosives the next morning. Jake & Elwood get literally buried in rubble, but just get out, stand up, look at their watch and walk off like nothing even happened. I was out of breath at this point.

Princess leia nukes a phone booth that Jake & Elwood are in with a flamethrower, the phone booth somehow explodes and flies into the air, lands, Jake & Elwood are happy that they get a whole lot of change from the phone but otherwise don't even acknowledge that anything else happened. Are you kidding me!?

Then just a huge car chase with even more ludicrous car-magnet-crashes and flipovers.

Oh yeah, somewhere in between all that they sing some songs and piss off some nazis and some country music singers (because of course nazis). This movie is so looney, so zany... it's perfect. The music of course is timeless, seeing it now at age oh my god I'm old it spoke more to me than ever before. If you take away all the music and the car chases you have about 10 minutes of movie left over. I don't care. I'm so glad I reconnected with this piece of genius entertainment.

WHAT A FILM. One of my all time faves.
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cheeky scoundrel
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Legend. A typical old age gangster romp, but with a twist: Tom Hardy shines as playing both parts of a twin brother gangster outfit (the Krays) whom terrorise yours neighborhoods. One wicked but with a sense of right and wrong, one completely crazy.

There isn't too much to say about it other than that it is a stylish and entertaining romp with a fair bit of violence. Its beautiful to look at, sounds great and the acting is top notch. I did have to turn up the volume somewhat to be able to understand Tom Hardy's extremely thick accent

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Maj. Voodoo

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) - Fun little movie with some good jokes and well done voices, including Cage (NOIR) and Schreiber (Fisk) and Chris Pine (Parker). Some humor makes it more in level with what you expect from Deadpool - for instance asking if is legally OK that one of cartoon characters said "That's all, Folks!". My son loved it and watched it twice now.


Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019)
WIth somewhat slow start movies turned into more fun as , with some interesting and easy to predict plot. Jake Gyllenhaal played his part well and it just too much reminded me of The Deadly Tower of Monsters It also shows that there still can be super hero movie after avengers, which I doubted. If you watching, make sure to watch both after movie scenes, as one of them points to something very interesting regarding this movie.


Rush Hour 3 (2007)
After looking for something else, I found that I own this movie (and other 2 in series), but this one somehow I did not watch, even I own it. It is just incredible how good duo are Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. It still lacks woow effect from first movie, but it is good boring hot afternoon fun to watch. There was rumor that there will be another movie in series.

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