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Amiga Power issues wanted

Dear All,

Kind of new around here so hopefully this is the right place for this:

I am a collector of vintage Amiga Magazines and Amiga Power in particular.

As I am only missing a few numbers I am very interested in finding out where those issues may be found. Naturally eBay churns out an ad every once in a while, but still vary rarely. Hence, I thought some British Amiga fans might know a place or two that could be worthwhile for me to check out. Not interested in scans - though I do appreciate those efforts too - but the Real Thing.

Erik Iancovici
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Only Amiga !!

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Magazines such as Amiga power and Format I collected vigorously when they were selling back in the early 90's. Both these Amiga magazines were UK published and are without doubt, the most popular of them all.

I monthly subscribed to Amiga Format as this was my all time favourite, it wasn't as heavy on games but rather covered peripheral and software programming. It seemed more useful than just a games mag.

I have every Amiga Format from 1992 to the last issue in 2000. The last issue still has the CD attached to it. I never took it off! < Very Rare in deed!

Also I have lots of Amiga power magazines. In all I must have at least 4 large boxes full of retro Amiga mags!
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Over on AmiBay there is a subforum specifically for selling literature - including magazines. Right now there are some English magazines available.

Most of the sellers accept PayPal. This is good for you because of the buyer protection PayPal offers. If there is a problem you can't resolve directly you can usually request a refund through PayPal although you DO need to give a reason when you need a refund and they have a list of acceptable reasons.

Some of the sellers say that they want the money sent as gift to friends and family. Gift transfers don't offer you the buyer protection that a regular payment does. If you increase the amount you are sending to cover the PayPal fees, most will be OK with you sending the money as a regular transfer. Usually you add 4% and that covers the fees. You will have to pay the fees anyway one way or the other so you might as well get the protection if you can

Some sellers want the money sent by IBAN or direct bank transfer. Unless you know the person you may want to be cautious doing this since you won't have any protections at all. Once the money is transferred you usually don't have any recourse to get a refund. Also the IBAN system has been found to have some security issues which can expose your bank information letting anyone who intercepts the information to drain your account.

One thing to be aware of, no matter where you buy them from, the postage can be high because of the weight. If you get more than a couple you can quickly get a very heavy package. Most of the sellers are in Europe so if you are also somewhere in Europe the shipping won't be as bad as it is to here in the US

Here's the link to the subforum:

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Forgot to add that there is also a subforum for literature wanted on AmiBay. You can post a message listing what you want.

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