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Amiga A4000T Eagle Schematics PCB Layout (WIP)

Hi first post!

Sorry for my english, it's not my first language.
I'm trying to redraw the A4000T schematics in Eagle CAD and maybe later PCB layout. I'm new to eagle so don't know if it's all nets and buses right.
In Fat Gary pin 71 I don't know if it's coming bus D(31:0) is net D31 or D0, I putted D0 to match the pin description of Fat Gary :P
I'm using as base the schematics from http://amiga.serveftp.net/schematics.html and used library from Eriond and made FatGary Chip to commodore.lbr

I think this could help someone with dead A3000/T or A4000/T but with good custom chips and maybe build a new PCB and solder the chips. It's better to share soon before I lose the files. Would be great if more people improve it making changes.

It's still in progress a lot of buses and other areas to do. Maybe next week, but I can't promise anything.


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retracing the schematics is an excellent idea, but I'm not sure a shared effort will work if you don't put out guidelines on who does what part of it and what the net names are in order to make parts by different people play together..
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Yeah I know a lot of effort will require. I'm nameing the nets as the schematics, same names and the parts with same names...Already made some changes will update the link, I don't know where to upload so I went .

Corrected off-page conectors(some are with /#??, don't know why)
Made a single .sch with system clocks and fat gary schematics

More to come

Made more progress in gary part and fix some pins
AT power conector inside commodore library and was starting SIMM 72pin sockets.

I saw a problem to retrace the schematics, the A4000T pdf is very bright and blurry and can't see some parts of it making impracticable to continue doing. Only if someone could rescan the documents with a better dpi and contrast and save as png...

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Originally Posted by psyalemao View Post
Hi first post!

Sorry for my english, it's not my first language.
I'm trying to redraw the A4000T schematics in Eagle CAD and maybe later PCB layout.
Cool! I've thought about transcribing my service manuals into Eagle schematics as well. That gives everyone a CAD starting point, and they can be dumped to PDF for better readability and searchability than the various scanned versions I've seen on the net.

I had wanted to get the commodore.lbr into a repository somewhere but haven't done that yet. The original author seemed agreeable to that, as does Zetro who's other items I'd like to merge into it as well, under GPL license. The original commodore.lbr should live on as it was separately as well, as the author wanted it to be usable by anyone in any way, not just a GPL way, while Zetro wanted GPL for his things when I would have done that.

If only I had 56 hours in a day, I might be able to just eep up with most everything...
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