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Spherical bug on Amiga, C64 and ST

I was playing Spherical today, and noticed something odd. On the first level, in single-player mode, the starting position of the wizard makes it impossible to get all the diamonds on the level. (The level can still be completed, you just can't get a perfect score on it.)

I compared to some other versions and the C64 and Atari ST have the same problem. On the ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC versions, though, the wizard starts out in a higher position on the screen, which makes it possible to get a perfect score on that level.

Anyone else ever noticed that? Am I missing something? Seems like kind of an obvious bug when it's on the very first level...
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Hi, i haven't played that game yet, but someday.

The starting position doesn't look as a bug, but maybe as level improvement, which weren't made on other systems, for whatever reasons.

I can imagine they sent the levels to other systems, playtested it on the Speccy and made changes which were not considered in amiga version ?!?

It would be nice to hear how the production story was for this game.

I guess someone could fix this easily, and if we could have another fix:

Player should cast/remove the blocks while the mouse button is pressed first, and then using directional keys (like in my favorite game Swibble Dibble).

Btw, the cheat screen suggest a Game "Monster Mission (by Jewe)" anyone knows which or where this game is ?

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Somehow, I don't think quality control was a high priority for game converters back then. Games are sometimes released with bugs that render them unfinishable or with graphical glitches, even to this day.
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The Amstrad CPC version has been made by Turrican CPC programmer, Darren White. The conversion is very good
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