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4 Wrong CRC in v1.3 [changed files in update?]

Hi, I'm rather new to this whole GameBase stuff and want to thanks for all the guys who spend so much time for creating and maintaining the AmigaBase.

So please bear with me if I report something wrong here because this is some new territory but after installing everything and get ClrMamePro running to rename the newly provided roms from the 1.3 update,I found that following files had bad CRCs:

A-Train_Disk1 [folder: A-Train_Disk1 - size: 880kb]
- wrong crc32: A-Train_Disk1.adf [wrong: 40c0fca2] [right: 14d32f33]

Computer Third Reich [folder: Computer Third Reich - size: 880kb]
- wrong crc32: Computer Third Reich.adf [wrong: 0f927f7e] [right: 6b88a19e]

Gods_Disk2 [folder: Gods_Disk2 - size: 880kb]
- wrong crc32: Gods_Disk2.adf [wrong: cddccb9f] [right: 6601eb30]

Operation Wolf_Disk2 [folder: Operation Wolf_Disk2 - size: 880kb]
- wrong crc32: Operation Wolf_Disk2.adf [wrong: 55501310] [right: 29cbfa5d]

As I have read in this http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=23806 thread (Saddam Virus) it might be possible that A Train and Computer Third Reich are indeed infected.

Well, this is all no big deal , I just wanted to report it if it might help someone.

Anyway, many thanks again for your work

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Hi there

It sounds like you might be using old adfs, or possibly an older dat? As several disks including the ones you list above were replaced for v1.3, so you've either got the adfs or the dat for v1.2

drop into #mage on abime's irc network if you can so we can help sort out whatever's gone wrong.

edit: just checked the crc's and you are using the right dat, so it's just a few replacment adfs you need.

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