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Emulated to A3000 Problems

To begin, I'll warn you that I've only been playing with Amigas for about 4 months. I have lots of PC exp. (was a tech), so I've figured out most of it. My company has Amigas in some test equipment, and that's what I'm working on... I'm working on a good way to backup/recover them in case of HD failures using a PC. I'll go through what I've done so far, and maybe you can tell me where I screwed up....

1. I have a working A3000 (3.1/3.1) that I want to back up (boots fine, everything is good).
2. I pulled the HD from the A3000 and hooked it up to my PC's SCSI card.
3. I have Amiga Forever (use WinUAE). I create a hardfile called "Backup:". I can bring up a 3.1 session and see the new backup hardfile and the drive I attached (let's call it "Old:" in this example).
4. I format Backup and then copy everything from Old to Backup (used copy Old: Backup: all).
5. Once that's done, I shut down the PC, disconnect the drive Old, and put on a brand spank'n new flash SCSI hard drive (let's call it "New:").
6. I bring the PC back up, and go back into WinUAE using the -disableharddrivesafetycheck switch, and bring up a 3.1 session. I can see the hardfile, and the new drive.
7. I partition the new drive (and I check bootable), and format it.
8. I then copy everything from the hardfile to the new drive (used copy Backup: New: all).
9. Once that's done, I bring WinUAE down, and bring it back up with only the drive New: in the drives area to make it boot from it. It works fine. It boots in WinUAE, and everything's there.
10. I power the PC off, and pull the flash HD and put it into the A3000.
11. The A3000 won't boot. It gives me the stupid screen with the floppy inserting. If I hold down both mouse buttons to get into the boot menu, it doesn't show the flash HD....

This is where I'm at. I've tried everything I can think of, and can't figure out why the A3000 won't boot with it. The flash HD (Memtech) is fully compatible (equivalent with any regular HD), so I don't think that's it. I'm thinking my next step is to try and hook both drives into the A3000 and format it/copy that way. I can't use that for my final solution, but it might shed some more light on the situation. Ideas?...Suggestions?.....

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OK. I'm an idiot..... The problem was that termination was disabled on the flash HD. Works great now. Maybe my little procedure will help someone atleast......


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