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I have never heard of this Amiga game but it looks cool.

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hehe embryo I have this game .. its a 3d polygen flight game, it got a good story too I think (but I have never gotten really into flights games ....)
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Originally posted by Pyromania
I have never heard of this Amiga game but it looks cool.
That's because you're looking in the wrong places...

HOL Database (id=2840)
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where am i ?
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i do recall that game

i used to own a demo of it once upon a time
could never play it properly though
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Embryo is very cool, it's a flight simulator, without the simulation .The game is incredibly fast for a 3D game, and the action is non-stoping. If the game was a bit more polished (It's way to unbalanced, your ship can take an absurd amount of shots, but your shots are too weak, so you take too long to defeat the enemies, thus you ending up taking too many shots) it would be a classic - it would be the game that Epic was supposed to be.
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