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Old 14 November 2018, 17:54   #21
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We need to tighten up security on game content secret discussions... Or we have a mole and infos leaking to the public :P
but yes,, boulders and teleports are in the works...
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Old 07 January 2019, 01:46   #22
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We've switched to 32 colours mode. updating and tweeking graphics.
last "final" version of the surface...
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Old 01 February 2019, 06:17   #23
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Looks fantastic. I'd consider utilising the copper for the background though.
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Old 01 March 2019, 01:12   #24
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Aaaaand it's done! Softiron has power over 1st post so I'll let him edit it if he feels like it.

The final version is here - look for zip/adf with 2019-02-28 date.

There were lots of features that we wanted to include, some of them are listed here or in other Github issues, some are in our heads.

I'll give you some highlights what we've done for EAB deadline:
  • All gfx changed to 32 colors (yay!)
  • Lots of new gfx
  • Because of that game requires 1MB CHIP + a bit of FAST (sry guys).
  • Works on KS1.3 and up! 040 and higher is broken though.
  • Different color palettes on different depths,
  • Ability to collect dinosaur bones!
  • Initial work on story mode,
  • Unfortunately we still don't have music since I wasn't able to rewrite ptplayer for my engine's usage in time,
  • Perhaps something else what I can't remember atm

Some features are still not optimized or buggy since I was hacking them together just before the deadline. We'll continue work on this game and make it so it'll run smoothly at all times on 2MB CHIP A500 @ 7MHz.

Screenshots/videos will be posted later since I'm so tired I can't do it right now. Hope judges will forgive me. We had helluva time bracing ourselves to expand this game to game compo, so thanks for letting us participate. If anyone has any doubts what we've done since Retrokomp, the old version is still accesible on OneDrive - plz check it out and compare for yourself.

Pssst. To show current plan press space or enter near building on surface.

Pssst2. Bear in mind that game is set in alternative reality. We do not endorse, nor sympathize or criticize views, ideology and opinions shown there.
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Old 01 March 2019, 18:23   #25
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Old 02 March 2019, 16:16   #26

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A very nice game! Most of it worked fine on my test machine.

Maybe it would be more accessible for people to check it out when you create an ADF image.

Originally Posted by KaiN View Post
  • Unfortunately we still don't have music since I wasn't able to rewrite ptplayer for my engine's usage in time,
What needs to be rewritten? Maybe I can help.

Some features are still not optimized or buggy
I saw a problem when I finished the first stage. It shows the highscores and then the system is frozen (A1200, ACA1230, 64MB). Is it a known bug?
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Old 03 March 2019, 23:10   #27
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Great submission. Looks very impressive.
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Old 04 March 2019, 23:17   #28
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@MikeyG: Thanks!

@phx: nah, shouldn't be frozen, it's just I haven't coded blinking cursor there yet, also there's no message to hit enter after typing scores. If it's indeed frozen then it's another bug we haven't noticed so far.

Regarding ptplayer rewrite, ACE (my engine) handles interrupts/dma in it's own way in order to freeze/unfreeze OS on demand, so I'll have to rewrite ptplayer to use its function. Also I like my code being 100% C (probably C++ in future), so it will be a C rewrite. It will take time though, since I can barely read 68k asm, it's like learning to read again. Any help would be invaluable.

We're going to patch this game during following days. EAB Game Compo was just a milestone for us, not the final goal, so we're not going to wait until results to extend this game further. I'm all for judging game versions submitted by deadline, hence I'm keeping all builds on OneDrive link. Also, there's RetroKomp18 version from October, which was the starting point for us for this compo. If judges find it more fair to base our score on progress between RK18 and EAB deadlines, I'm all for that.

Last edited by KaiN; 04 March 2019 at 23:22. Reason: added a paragraph
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Old 30 March 2019, 15:06   #29
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Neat little game. Good graphics. Scrolling and controls spot-on.
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Old 31 July 2019, 12:26   #30
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See this thread: AMIner
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