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Originally Posted by emufan View Post
not by intention, but the tracker was made in 89/90 (!?) - so there was only kickstart 1.2/1.3 A500/A2000.
i think they did some hackery to make it work, drifting away from recommended programing guideline,
so it became incompatible to later kickstarts and amiga models.
Amazing. That explains why 8 Channel Soundtracker modules can't be loaded into modern trackers like openMPT and mod players. It's the black sheep of the Amiga tracker family.

I hope a new Amiga comes out with modern spec (but not requiring HDD), a realistic pricing, lots of investors and long term financial projections, l'm sure they'd turn a profit. Team up with BlackBerry and Haiku and ReactOS and make things happen!
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Sorry for bothering, but I recently stumbled over the 8 Voices Soundtracker by Shining 8 and that "Demo-SongI" module for my ongoing "SOAMC= ENDGAME" project.

So, this is what I discovered:
(sorry for the long and complicated read, but had to put everything down)

Turns out only 2 songs are made with 8 Voices Soundtracker? I have used by own SOTDS database to search through 31million Amiga related files, along with 3.7million special dataset of files decrunched for the "SOAMC= ENDGAME" project.

The "Demo-SongI" and "exodus" (from the Swans - 8 Voice Demo). The last actually are available as a customized DeliTracker module re-coded by Asle. The Demo-SongI I dont know of if it got the same Custom DeliTracker treatment.
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Excellent research put into this. It is still unknown who the author of this tracker actually is.

Is it possible that it is some sort of early leaked development version of Oktalyzer as the interface is very similar with the only real difference being less options.

Either that or the author took inspiration from Oktalyzer and developed it from scratch with almost exactly the same layout. As they were both released in 1989 and both look very similar to one another.

The font is practically the same, the layout is very similar and the channel selection is almost the same and in the same position.

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Yeah, I started up Oktalyzer v1.1, didnt find v1.0 yet or earlier, and the GUI, menus etc. is so similar that "The 8 Voices Soundtracker" must have been that 99% (pre v1.0) of Oktalyzer, maybe leaked or even stolen ahead of time.

I found an interview online with the Oktalyzer programmer, showing v1.57, but v1.1 looks pretty much the same. Compared to the "8 Voices Soundtracker" one can see that the font is more highres than on v1.1/1.57, which matches the author's comment "I also reduced the screen resolution, because the text was hard to read."


I will try to hunt after Oktalyzer v1.0 or variants, maybe something else will surface.

I also noticed that one of the hits for the main executables: ftp.funet.fi_archive\audio\apps\playback\oktaplayer.lha contains the "8voices", an player source "OKTAplayer.s" for v1.1, and the readme really says: "Here's the Oktalyzer 8 voices player
and sample player assembler source (in German)
for you future demo hackers.

I'm not sure if the composer Oktalyzer is commercial of
PD and thus have not included. It will be uploaded once
I get confirmation it's freely distributable.

You will need to have a pal display to access the menu's
(palboot, fastpal, etc.. will do it)

Enjoy... "
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Very interesting finding.
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