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PC & Amiga Partitions on one CF Card

My intention is to have a CF Card filled with both PC (FAT) & Amiga (PFS) Partitions. This would allow me easy file transfer between PC & Amiga (just plug-in to card reader - copy files). Otherwise (in case of only Amiga partition I have to start WinUAE add Harddrive and than copy files under Amiga emulation, which is not that easy and comfortable)..

How to do that:
First I preped the CF card in PC - under DOS with fdisk I get rid of the one big partition and made a 100 MB FAT partition.
Than under Amiga I used FAT95 - boot95 command to install fat-filesystem to CF card which worked fine and the FAT partition was accessible to Amiga.
Than I wanted to add an Amiga partition. I started HDInstTools and checked the CF card. Filesystems show it has FAT filesystem installed and Partitions show one PC 100 MB Partition - fine. I added a small Amiga FFS partition after the PC one. Saved info to disk and rebooted. All worked fine and I get PC & Amiga partitions on one CF Card accessible.
Next I wanted to have PFS partition instead a FFS one. But, when I insert a PFS filesystem I cannot save it to Card because of an error 1005. I think it is because lack of space between MBR and first PC partition (readme of FAT95 says theres around 30 kb space) which is not sufficient for both PFS & FAT.

Does anyone have a clue if it is No-Go or if theres any way to make a PC partition so there would be more than 30 kb between MBR and the partition itself?
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Use DiskPart instead of FDisk and specify a higher offset for the first partition.
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thanks thomas! That really did the trick! With the diskpart parameter align=1024 I was able to save both filesystems to the card and everything works as intended!
I am more than happy now!
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Billy Miles
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Could you guys tell me how to make a CF card with Amiga format partitions to use on PCMCIA reader on a real amiga? I only read stories of ppl using FAT cf cards. Is this possible? If so , how to do it? Can it be done on a real amiga?
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Im trying to set up my A600 for real audio use and broke almost 2 cf cards actually I only managed to do a working setup for a 20gb HDD.

Please could anyone upload an empty cf IMG for this (pfs+fat95 formatted, nothing installed). Thanks in advance!
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