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Thumbs up CD Dumping help

Note: All of this post is by me (idoru), rather than MethodGit.

Hey all,

This thread was started by MethodGit to help with some Amiga CD/CD32/CDTV dumping for the TOSEC ISO dats (only containing images dumped directly from original discs to maintain accuracy), but it's been kinda hijacked & morphed ("hey" to morph72 btw ) to encompass ANY dumping help from the EAB community.

The thread has been quite heavily edited by myself to remove posts/information when it is no longer required so as to make the thread as easy as possible to deal with (rather than scrolling to page 9 wading through checksums that have already been dealt with). Any instance of dumping a disc has been credited on the page - so I'm not removing "credit" for anyone

So if anyone else reading wants to help, please get in touch. Currently we are dealing with Amiga CD, Amiga CD32, Amiga CDTV, 3DO, SNK Neo-Geo & Sega Mega-CD/Sega CD discs. Thanks in advance, and thanks to MethodGit for starting out this thread - it has become quite useful

The how-to-dump guide is here :- CD Dumping Guide

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Current as of 2005-09-02

List of what's in the CD32 Games dat & what's dumped needing verification.

Anything not included below is needed
Anything marked in green in the current dat - another dump is needed for verification purposes.

CD32 Games in current dat
Akira (1994)(ICE)[!]
Alfred Chicken (1993)(Mindscape)[!][CDD2971]
Alien Breed - Tower Assault (1994)(Team 17)(M4)[!][CDR00345]
Alien Breed Special Edition & Qwak (1994)(Team 17)(M5)[!][CDD3186]
Arabian Nights (1993-10-25)(Krisalis)(M4)[!][CDD2857]
Arcade Pool (1994)(Team 17)(M4)[!][CDD4978]
Arcade Pool (1994)(Team 17)(M4)[!][CDR00281]
ATR - All Terrain Racing (1995)(Team 17)(M4)[!][CDD6125]
Banshee (1994)(Core)(M4)[!][CDD4103]
Battle Chess (1994)(Interplay)[!]
Battletoads (1994)(Mindscape)[!][CDD3904]
Beavers (1994)(Grandslam)[CDR00049]
Beneath a Steel Sky (1994)(Virgin)(M4)[!]
Big 6, The (1994)(Codemasters)(De-En)[!][80485-1]
Black Viper (1996)(Neo)[!][Q-0230]
Brutal Football (1994)(Millennium)[!][CDD3361]
Bubba 'N' Stix (1994)(Core)[!][CDD3297]
Bump 'N' Burn (1994)(Grandslam)(M4)[!][10332211]
Cannon Fodder (1993)(Virgin)[!][80343-4]
Castles II - Siege & Conquest (1993)(Interplay)[!][121634-X4-3335-2]
Chambers of Shaolin (1993)(Unique)[!][0685 350505]
Chaos Engine, The (1993)(Renegade)(M4)[!][Spectacular Voyage][CDD3446]
Chaos Engine, The (1994)(Renegade)(M4)[!][CDD3445]
Chuck Rock (1994)(Core)[!][CDD3296]
Chuck Rock II - Son of Chuck (1994)(Core)(M4)[!][CDD3490]
Classic Lotus Trilogy, The (1994)(Gremlin)[!][10279491]
Dangerous Streets (1993)(Flair)(M4)[!][CDD2925]
Darkseed v1.1 (1994)(Cyberdreams)[!][CDD4925]
Death Mask (1994)(Alternative Software)[!][CDD5604]
Deep Core v1.00 (1993)(ICE)[!][CDD2840]
Deep Core v1.01 (1993)(ICE)[!][CDD2998]
Dennis (1993)(Ocean)[!][CDD2972]
D-Generation v1.0 (1993-09-17)(Mindscape)[!][H-3072]
Diggers & Oscar (1993)(Commodore)(M4)[!]
Diggers & Oscar (1993)(Commodore)(M10)[!][AMIGA-CD-V2]
Dragonstone (1995)(Core)(M3)[!][CDD5013]
Exile (1995)(Audiogenic)(M3)[!][EXILE CDM01]
Fears (1995)(Attic)(De)[!][R-0379]
Fears (1995)(Manyk)[!][CDROMGUI019]
Fields of Glory (1994)(MicroProse)(M3)[!][CDR00296]
Fightin' Spirit (1996)(Neo)[!][R-2314]
Fire & Ice - The Daring Adventures of Cool Coyote (1994)(Renegade)[!][CDD3618]
Fire Force (1993)(ICE)[!][CDD2999]
Flink (1994)(Psygnosis)(M4)[!][FLINK-CD32 15]
Frontier - Elite II v1.10 (1994)(Gametek)[!][FRONTIER ELITE CD32 CDMA2]
Fury of the Furries (1994)(Mindscape)[!][CDD3396]
Global Effect (1994)(Millennium)[!][CDD3342]
Gloom (1995)(Guildhall Leisure)[!][GH19]
Grandslam Gamer Gold Collection (1995)(Grandslam)[!][GAMEGOLD01]
Guardian (1994)(Guildhall Leisure)[!][10325611]
Guardian (1995)(Guildhall Leisure)[!][GH33]
Gulp! (1994)(ICE)(M5)[!]
Gunship 2000 (1994)(MicroProse)[!][CDD3637]
Heimdall 2 (1994)(Core)[!][CDD3924]
Humans 1 and 2 (1994)(Gametek)(M5)[!]
Impossible Mission 2025 - The Special Edition (1994)(MicroProse)(M4)[!][CDR00144]
International Karate + (1994)(System 3)[!][CDD3215]
James Pond 2 - Robocod (1993)(Millennium)[!][CDD2559]
James Pond 3 - Operation Starfi5h (1994)(Millennium)[!][BR00302]
Jetstrike (1995)(Rasputin)[!][BR00400]
John Barnes European Football (1993)(Krisalis)(M5)[!][CDD2858]
Jungle Strike - The Sequel to Desert Strike (1994)(Ocean)[!][80502]
Kang Fu (1996)(Alter Interservice)(De-En)[!][R-7903]
Kingpin - Arcade Sports Bowling (1995)(Team 17)[!][CDD6254]
Labyrinth of Time, The (1994)(Electronic Arts)[!][CDD2907]
Last Ninja 3 (1994)(System 3)[CDD3438]
Legends (1996)(Guildhall Leisure)(M3)[!]
Liberation - Captive II v2.00-1.92 (1993-11-25)(Mindscape)[!][CDD2904]
Liberation - Captive II v2.00b-2.00 (1993-12-08)(Mindscape)[!][CDD2955]
Liberation - Captive II v2.02-2.00c (1994-04-08)(Mindscape)[!][CDD3716]
Litil Divil (1994)(Gremlin)[!][CDD4426]
Lost Vikings, The (1993)(Interplay)[!][S LOSTVIKINGS 1 01]
Manchester United - Premier League Champions v1.0CD (1994)(Krisalis)(M4)[!][CDD5049]
Marvin's Marvellous Adventure (1995)(21st Century)[!][80574]
Mean Arenas (1993)(ICE)[!][CDD2886]
Microcosm (1994)(Psygnosis)[!][MCD32-1 11]
Microcosm (1994)(Psygnosis)[!][Spectacular Voyage][MICROCOSM-CD32]
Morph (1993)(Millennium)[!][CDD2675]
Naughty Ones (1994)(InteractiVision)[!][94040503]
Nick Faldos Championship Golf (1994)(Grandslam)[!][CDR00020]
Nigel Mansell's World Championship (1993)(Gremlin)[!][S NIGEL 1 02]
Out to Lunch (1994)(Mindscape)[!][CS090033]
Overkill & Lunar-C (1993)(Mindscape)(M4)[!][CDD2797]
PGA European Tour (1994)(Ocean)[!][80581]
Pinball Fantasies (1993)(21st Century)[!][80028 CD 32]
Pinball Illusions (1995)(21st Century)[!][CDD6265]
Pinball Prelude (1996)(Effigy)[!]
Power Drive (1994)(U.S. Gold)(M5)[10347691]
Premiere (1994)(Core)[!][CDD3302]
Prey - An Alien Encounter (1993)(Almathera)[!][H-6021]
Project-X SE & F17 Challenge (1993)(Team 17)(M5)[CDD3178]
Rise of the Robots (1994)(Time Warner Interactive)(M5)[!]
Roadkill (1994)(Acid)[!][CDD4971]
Roadkill (1995)(Guildhall Leisure)[!][GH32]
Ryder Cup by Johnnie Walker (1993)(Ocean)[!][80209]
Seek & Destroy (1993)(Mindscape)[!][CDD3065]
Sensible Soccer - European Champions v1.1 (1993)(Renegade)(M4)[!][S SS 1 01]
Sensible Soccer - International Edition v1.2 (1994)(Renegade)(M4)[!][S SSI 2 01]
Seven Gates of Jambala, The (1993)(Unique)[!]
Shadow Fighter (1995)(Gremlin)[!][CDD5693]
Simon the Sorcerer (1994)(Adventure Soft)[!][CDD4166]
Skeleton Krew (1995)(Core)(M4)[!][CDD5880]
Sleepwalker (1993)(Ocean)[!]
Soccer Kid (1994)(Krisalis)(M5)[!][CDD4287]
Speedball 2 (1995)(Renegade)[!][80791]
Speris Legacy, The (1995)(Team 17)(M4)[!][CDR01062]
Sports Football (1993)(Commodore)[!][056200]
Star Crusader (1994)(Gametek)[GCR-102-0009]
Striker (1994)(Gremlin)(M4)[!][10287881]
Strip Pot (1994)(Pixel Blue)[!][80775]
Subwar 2050 (1994-11-21)(MicroProse)(M3)[!][CDD5418]
Summer Olympix (19xx)(Flair)[!][CDD3207]
Super League Manager (1995)(Audiogenic)[!][AUDIOGENICSLM CDM02]
Super Methane Bros (1994)(Apache)[!][BR00245]
Super Putty (1994)(System 3)[!][CDD3216]
Super Skidmarks v2.2 (1995)(Guildhall Leisure)[!][GH01 10 AUG 95]
Superfrog (1994)(Team 17)(M4)[!][CDD4979]
Superfrog (1999)(Islona)
Surf Ninjas (1993)(Microvalue)[CDD3434]
Syndicate (1995)(Mindscape)(M3)[!][S CD 32 01]
Theme Park (1995)(Mindscape)[!][CS090088]
Top 100 Games A1200 (1994)(U. S. Dreams)
Top 100 Games A1200 (1994)(U. S. Dreams)[a]
Top Gear 2 (1994)(Gremlin)[!][CDD4777]
Total Carnage (1994)(ICE)[!][CDD3489]
Trivial Pursuit - The CD32 Edition v1.0C (1994)(Domark)[!][CDD3224]
Trolls (1993)(Flair)[!][CDD2771]
UFO - Enemy Unknown (1993)(MicroProse)(M3)[CDR00278]
Ultimate Body Blows & Project-X SE (1994)(Team 17)[!][CDR00308]
Ultimate Body Blows (1994)(Team 17)(M4)[!][CDD3321]
Ultimate Super Skidmarks (1998)(Guildhall Leisure)[!][CDROMGUI042]
Universe (1994)(Core)(M4)[!][CDD4533]
Vital Light (1994)(Millennium)[!][10328981]
Wembley International Soccer (1994)(Audiogenic)[!][10292711]
Whale's Voyage (1994)(Flair)[!][CDD2736]
Wild Cup Soccer (1994)(Millennium)[!][10312431]
Worms - The Director's Cut (1995)(Ocean)(M3)[!][CDR00865]
Zool - Ninja of the 'Nth' Dimension (1993)(Gremlin)[!][S ZOOL 1 02]
Zool 2 (1994)(Gremlin)[!][10287871]

CD32 Games with audio dumped & needing verification before adding to dat
Brian the Lion (BTLCD32-1)
Clue!, The
Dangerous Streets & Wing Commander **Individual tracks verified - possible data problem**
Demo Disc, The v1.1
Demo Disc, The v2.0
Donk! The Samurai Duck (I-1050) **Verified**
Kid Chaos
Liberation (CDD3218)
Nigel Mansell's World Championship (CDD4197)
Sleepwalker & Pinball Fantasies (CDAC-055300 2)
Sleepwalker & Pinball Fantasies (0BA22<1276>PFANTASCD32)
Super SkidMarks (GH1 21 APR 95)

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Arcade Pool [CDD4978]
Bubba 'N' Stix
Bump 'N Burn
Dangerous Streets and Wing Commander
Diggers & Oscar [AMIGA-CD-V2]
Donk! The Samurai Duck!
Fire & Ice
Guardian [GH33]
Impossible Mission 2025 - The Special Edition
Islona Collection (Amiga CD)
James Pond 2 - Robocod
Jetstrike CD32 [BR00400-01]
Kingpin - Arcade Sports Bowling
Liberation [CDD3716]
Marvin's Marvellous Adventures
Pinball Fantasies
Pinball Prelude
Sensible Soccer - European Champions v1.1
Sim City (CDTV)
Speedball 2
Super Methane Bros
Top Gear 2
Vital Light [01429] (Amiga CD32 Special - Issue 3, alternate serial: 01087)
Wembley International Soccer
Wild Cup Soccer
idoru: Verified, thanks.

Sleepwalker & Pinball Fantasies [CDAC-055300 2]
idoru: Noted, another copy required.

Super SkidMarks [GH1 21 APR 95]
idoru: Noted, another copy required

idoru: Noted, only dumps from original discs are included - AFAIK this wasn't released on CD officially though

Trivial Pursuit - The CDTV Edition (CDTV)
idoru: Included, thanks.

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Originally Posted by [idoru]
Current list of what's in the CD32 Games dat & what's dumped needing verification.

Anything not included below is needed
Hey, I've got Power Drive CD32 ... don't see it on your list ... how can I get it to you?


idoru: hi trilobyte, I'll send you a Private Message in a minute. Thanks.

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Guardian [10325611 01]
Shadow Fighter
Summer Olympics
Super Skidmarks [GH 1 10 AUG 95 MPO 03]
idoru: Verified, thanks.

Liberation [CDD2904]
Liberation [CDD3716]
idoru: Partially verified (damaged discs), thanks.

idoru: Noted, need another copy.

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Mehh :D
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Amiga Format CD09 (Disc 2 of 2)[AGA Experience Vol. 1]
Amiga Format CD50
idoru: Verified, thanks.

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I promished this a while back as soon as I got it so here


idoru: Thanks TheBoss. I've noted the checksums - we just need another copy dumped before we can add it because of the audiotrack. BTW, did you read my PM from the other week ?

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What's the deal with Worms DC? I thought it was only released for AGA on floppy disk.
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I have found an old CDTV CD on my dusty attic.
Is it worth a dump/already dumped?
Disk scan:http://purzelhorst.pu.funpic.de/FF_1.2.JPG
Box scan: http://purzelhorst.pu.funpic.de/labelff1.2.JPG
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Yup dump it.. my hd's don't have an image of that on it
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Now, where can i upload it? I have made a splitted 20x20mb rar archiv.
(Cue+Image).My free webhoster kickes me out if i try to upload the files.

[edit] I will check out the yourfilehost.com thing, seems to work.

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I just wanted to ask why certain titles are still not in the actual TOSEC database so far?

Games like Pirates! Gold and Donk! come to mind. Indeed I thought I helped out with verifying PG last year?
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