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Hi folks,

So great to read all this, sorry to revive an old thread but as this was such a great time in our lives I just had to throw in the title James and I created for this competition. We spent many a weekend and late night working away on this, copius amounts of toast was consumed. it opened up many new opportunities for us which we couldn't pursue being in School at the time.

Our submission was Internal Combustion, a sexed up Super Sprint clone with A.I., powerups and a huge campaign. We made quite a few £ on the shareware market afterwards.

It's on Youtube here
[ Show youtube player ]

and downloadable here

And anyone can do whatever the hell they like with it Bundle it, play it, burn it. Enjoy and keep up this awesome community.

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Heya Julian,

Welcome to EAB

Nice one, never heard of this before and I do love these type of racing games so will definitely give it a bash
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Welcome Julian

Do you still have the source? If so, would you be willing to make it available?


As an aside, I've also heard from Andrea Doimo who made "Blitzeroids", he made a comment on the youtube video. It's been awhile since I've thought about this project, I never got around to doing videos for each game. If someone wanted to help out with the videos (I'm far too busy this month to do any more), the spreadsheet with video links are here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...RqM/edit#gid=0

It'd be good to get them all done, incase there's other authors out there that'd like to see their games again.

We probably need a permanent 'home' for the games. I think I posted the bundle to the Zone, but I think it'd be good if there was a more easily accessible place to get them. I may just upload it to Mega and then post the link on the first post of this thread.
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I would love to see the source. The only chance of seeing that would be from James. I've tried a few times to get in touch but he has proved hard to track down (no social profiles but I just found him on LinkedIn). There's a fantastic interview with him about his Games Programming and his switch to becoming an economist here..


I will ask him if I get in touch otherwise hopefully he will see this at some point.

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Originally Posted by earok View Post
Aardvark by Andy Chandler.

[ Show youtube player ]

Edit: It was pointed out on the Commodore Amiga facebook group that it's seemingly a port of the C64 game "Oil's Well"
Oil's Well is itself a clone of the arcade title Anteater by Chris Oberth. Did you have any luck contacting the author? I can't imagine any reason they'd want to refuse permission, given they submitted it as a competition entry.
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