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Business game, likely pre 90s.

Heres the thing, I am not sure this game is in public at all. Chances are this was made by someone that my elementary school friend knew, whom I have no idea who that was.

Based upon what I remember about the game, I am pretty sure this is Public Domain game, if it was ever released as finished even.

Chances are it was made with Amiga Basic, but not necessarily, just that I seem to recall game was bit slow and there werent much colors, it is even possible it is just white and blue and no other colors.

There was this world map, probably imaginary world, but then again, I was in elementary school, so might not have recognised if it was a real one.

Map was drawn in way that lets say USA would be drawn so that all states lines would be shown. Then you could click on one of these "states" areas to travel there, supposing it was one of the adjacent areas where you are now.

hmm.. actually, just like in Defender of the crown for example.

In each are you had list of stuff you could buy and sell and their prices.

Each place had different prices, so buy cheap here and sell for higher there was the main idea of the game.

However, there was some story in that game. I faintly recall story would be placed in future, but cant be sure.

Also, I think you had to get enough money or something before you were able to access most of the places. That first you were restricted to some poorer areas perhaps, and then later you could travel to these richer areas.

I always liked that game and wanted to complete it, but it just refused to work for very long and always crashed after a while, hence I never even got to visit most places.

It is even possible game simply wasnt finished.

I also somewhat recall like there had been some text adventure game in that same disk, and perhaps somehing else too, but not sure at all.

Does this ring a bell with anyone?
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no, not north & south. As I told, I think this game I am looking for is most likely a public domain game and looks like something someone would make with amigabasic, since it worked quite slow all around. Dont recall if you actually saw how the map was being drawn, but that is well possible, since it was slow like that making it seems more and more like it could be Amiga Basic game.
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It does not quite fit your description, but I am thinking of 'Gold Of Americas'. Could this be it maybe?!
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