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ClassicWB icons question

Sorry for such a noobish question but I recently purchased a 1200 with ClassicWB installed. It has, however, the WB1.3 iconset installed but I prefer ClassicWB's original icons. So is it possible to revert back to the standard icons? If yes, how does one go about doing it?

Thanks for the answers.
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I'm not familiar with ClassicWB in particular, but ordinary Workbench doesn't have a concept of "themes" like you might have in systems today. You can change the icons to whatever you wish, but you probably have to do it one by one.

You might be able to change an icon by opening the Icons->Information menu and dragging a new icon on top of the old one. That doesn't work with older Workbenches though, in which case you'll want to look for a utility to help with it from Aminet.

And of course you'll need to get the replacement icons you wish to use, if they are not included with ClassicWB.
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I don't what CW you have installed,this is from CW website..Hope it helps..

""NewIcons", available under popup menu settings, can be enabled in order to show special icons that are sometimes included with WHDLoad games and certain programs. If you see a dot in place of an Icon, try enabling this option. If you still see a dot, they are probably for OS3.5+ only. Enabling NewIcons will use up more memory.

"IconImage" (System -> Update Icons) lets you drag and drop single or multiple icon files into a window for updating without losing their properties. This allows you to keep the Workbench looking good with minimum effort. A separate drawer called "Icons" contains others you may want to use."
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Just install ClassicWB over your current installation and choose the normal icons when questioned.
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Unfortunately, Bloodwych did not include option to change icons back, and only way for you is to reinstall ClassicWB again. Just make sure you select correct version, as version mostly depends on hardware, accelerator/memory/videocard. Use Bloodwych's requirement page to select right version.

When you install 68K, GAAE or Light, by default it comes with normal ClassicWB icons, and if you select WB1.3, it unzips icon info over SYS hard disk, making permanent change.

Not sure if it would help to create ZIP and script to undo this, as you still need a way to move files to HD and run them.
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While playing with it, I created one for ClassicWB 68K version. Attached is cwb.zip that you need to move into your RAM and then run following command in CLI:

unzip >NIL: -o RAM:cwb.zip -d SYS:

Wait for command to complete, reboot and you should have ClassicWB icons.

Again, use this ONLY if you know you have 68K. If you have LIGHT or GAAE version, let me know, I can create ZIP for those versions if needed.
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Here is zip for light version of ClassicWB - to restore icons to CWB instead of WB1.3 version.

Same as 68K file, copy to RAM: folder on your setup, and run following CLI command:

unzip >NIL: -o RAM:cwb_light.zip -d SYS:

Wait for it to complete, and reboot your computer.
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It's very interesting thread........ i have an similar question.
I have need to extract the icon from ClassicWB_UAE_v28.zip and i want try to apply this theme on my current setup.

How i can do this ? I see inside of this archive there's two HDF files... i can extract all .info from here ?

It's only the .info stored the icons ?

On classicWB there's a lot of tools i don't have on my current 3.1 install.... how i can only pick what i need ?
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