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Does the "User-Startup" file remain the same?

I've noticed that with ClassicWB, you can choose what you want when you set up the HDF and install WB, but does the User-Startup file alter, depending on what you choose to install?

I would say not, because when I look at the file, I see a lot of conditional statements (IF EXISTS) on each of the software items mentioned in the install.

I ask because I'm using a modified User-Startup file (which runs DOpus at the end) and I just want to make sure that the rest of the file will always be identical to the original install version.
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If you only add stuff to your U-S then everything should be ok.
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This is the problem I have with ClassicWB and other similar distributions. People know very little about their own systems and how they work.

Anyone new to the Amiga is doing themselves a real disservice by using them in my opinion.
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I totally agree with you hewitson. As I bought my first A1200, ClassicWB lite was included and I found it extremely useful but also you are thrown into a pool of system tools that you never heard of and don't know how and where they are started/activated/installed.
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The same could be said with these: AmiKit, BestWB, BetterWB, HstWB Installer or my collection for that matter.

At the end of the day, in these times we currently live in; people want things done for them and don't bother investing the time to actually go through and understand the process, install software and make customisations.

People are welcome to do the above if they so want to; but complaining about these packages in negative light?

I for one use "ClassicWB Lite 3.1" all the time, it makes a standard 3.1 installation very user friendly, easy to use / navigate and provides many great extra functions

...and I'm very grateful that knowledgeable people like Bloodwych have slaved away to understand / put something like this together; not only for himself, but for the benefit of the Amiga community

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Sorry I think I've got to put this into perspective.

I recommend classicWB and I'm grateful for it too as I just wrote in the other thread. Bloodwych did an awesome job with it and it's the WB I use most often.

However ClassicWB has so many useful features/programs/tools/cli-commands/startup-modes that it feels like a new version of Workbench. And if you go back in time, what happened when a new windows version came out (back then): people bought books about the OS and attended courses to learn about all it's aspects. What I'm missing is some sort of documentation that shows you all of it's dozens (hundreds) of features. How they work, what they do, how they are installed or even uninstalled if you want to remove one.

For example if you start certain programs you have to deactive ToolsDaemon or its and the programs menu bar clash.
Or if you use classicWB lite on an A600 (or A1200 with reduced graphics startup) copper deamon will crash (but that doesn't hurt).
Or that the extended global WB Menu is driven by a Tool called ToolsDaemon which you can configure (and all the corresponding global hotkeys) in it's own preferences tool which you find in prefs.

Using the system you find it out, but for beginners it would be great to know just the most important things from start.

It's not that ppl don't want to learn. But many would prefer to learn about the "OS" details in an organized manner instead of hundreds of times of trial and error and searching the net. Of course this does not mean Bloodwych has to do it, he already did an awesome job with this great OS upgrade. I just think it's a pity such a book/course/video/wiki doesn't exist.

Sorry for the confusion. wbClassic is great!

PS (Edit): If I understood hewitson correctly, maybe he just prefers installing everything himself, because he wants to understand the process.
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