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I'm very pissed off after reading this jojo post, before I thought he was a sore loser, now I just think he is an asshole.

Also very cheeky of him to be calling for originality when he used characters and ideas ripped off from a movie without owning a license for it!!!!

this person is really an egomaniac with little to NO talent.
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Old 16 May 2019, 00:10   #82

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Well, I was a bit salty to Jojo but there is something he's not sharing with his fans. I think his reaction comes from competitiveness. Competition is destructive in that there's a "verdict".

"There can only be 1!" *cough* - bullshit.

Votes depend on so many things. It's better to think, if you made a game that is fun to play and you had fun making it, that's what really matters. Of course you have to test and do things over, and that can be a very not fun thing...

Probably singing to the choir at this point, but I'm just saying.
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Old 23 May 2019, 22:08   #83
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All discussion about possible next competition moved here: EAB Game Competition - Discussion related to possible next one
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Old 26 May 2019, 08:53   #84

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Originally Posted by LongLifeA1200 View Post
Drawing gigantic heads on dwarf bodies... for every single game. I don't even like it when Ron Gilbert does it (thank God 'Monkey Island' didn't adopt that style).

Well, JoJo, I won't say much worse than I what I would say to Ron Gilbert, so here's the polite version: The bobblehead style just doesn't appeal to me, at all.
That's what I always thought when I saw JoJos games. This big head style with always the same lobotomized facial expressions looks so weird.

Congratulations to the winners of this contest.
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Old 15 June 2019, 01:51   #85
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so, I probably missed something obvious, here, but ... where are those winning games ?!? some easy link somewhere ? Like .. along the results ?
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Old 15 June 2019, 12:24   #86
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Check this thread Asle: Amiga Game Development Contest - Judgment Day
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Old 13 August 2019, 12:48   #87
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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
Oh, so it IS the same guy. Thx for linking accounts. I withheld judgment, despite the similar avatars.

He should answer why his graphics spammed to Commodore Amiga and Amiga Graphics on Facebook have the palette 100% finished when he starts tracing. Absolutely no artist does that.

Then he can accuse others of cheating, or not having talent.

I asked him on Facebook once, got an answer like "Never mind, it's just graphics!" and I've ignored him since. Others can give 100 likes.
Yeah, I always thought,.. look at that,.. he already have decided the palette and in those unnatural positions.
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Old 03 October 2019, 20:46   #88
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so... do we have one this year lads?
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Old 03 October 2019, 21:09   #89
Ex nihilo nihil

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Good question.

Is anyone interested in taking the lead and organizing all this? (rules definition, deadline definition, budget/price management, registrations, etc.)

It should also be ensured that enough people want to participate to a new game development contest.

Personally, as last time, I am available as a jury's member.
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Old 03 October 2019, 21:19   #90
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I'm happy to run it but I'm not taking part.

If people are happy with this then I'll devise some rules etc for consideration.
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Old 07 November 2019, 00:51   #91

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Anyone up for a 2020 edition?
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Old 07 November 2019, 10:00   #92
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There is this thread : EAB Game Competition - Discussion related to possible next one.
I also remember a post from mcgeezer where he was saying he was interested in handling next competition (but I don't find it back).
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