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Read amiga ffs formated floppies in AMIX

Thanks to Mike "Ford" DItto's post in comp.unix.amiga, I've been able to compile aread & adump which respectively allow to copy and list contents from a device formated on the AmigaDOS side of things. It works for floppies but I haven't been able to get it to read an AmigaDOS partition yet... Despite passing the starting block of the partition on a dualboot amiga/amix drive, it won't see it:

root@localhost ~/installs/ADosFileSys # rdb -H /dev/dsk/c1d0s0
#    Name               Start   Blocks   Size      Flags

 1:  UNIX_Root            128  3078144  1503 MB    mb P0 C0 F0x554e4901
 2:  UNIX_Swap        3078272    61440    30 MB    mb P0 C0 F0x72657376
 3:  UNIX_Boot        3139712     4096     2 MB    MB P2 C2 F0x554e4900
 4:  DH0              3143808   222656   108 MB    MB P0 C0 F0x444f5301
 5:  DH1              3366464   827776   404 MB    Mb P0 C0 F0x444f5301
root@localhost ~/installs/ADosFileSys # ./adump /dev/dsk/c1d0s4 64
Warning: assuming filesystem is DOS\0
Invalid type/stype: 1146049283/1146049407
Here an example copying from a WB1.3 Extras floppy:

root@localhost ~/installs/ADosFileSys # ./aread /dev/dsk/fd0 devs/keymaps/ch2  
> ch2
 2/-3    Tue Sep  6 23:20:18 1988      1380 `ch2'
get it at Article 2161 of comp.unix.amiga Google Groups provides... Or download adosfsys.tar from my upload directory on the EAB file server. to compile simply do:

gcc -o adump adump.c && gcc -o aread aread.c
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Thanks, this looks like a great little utility. Even if it's floppy-only for now, it's still nice to have a last resort when you wan't to get a file over and can't bother with network or serial etc.
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