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Fiery Phoenix
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WinUAE / WHDLoad via Gamebase Amiga

Managed to get everything working bar WHDLoad.

I have googled and read a lot of the threads with people having the same problems as me, all to no avail I am afriad. It appears I am doing everything right - but obviously not.

I downloaded and extracted skick346.lha into a file called Devs.

In the Devs folder the subfolder is called Kickstarts. In here I put all my Kickstart Roms and renamed 1.3 (A500) and 3.1 (A1200) to kick34005.a500 and kick40068.a1200 respectively.

When I attempted to load a game through Gamebase - it went through the motions but the following message appears:

DOS Error 205

Object not found

on reading "devs:kickstarts/kick34005.a500'

I have made sure WinUAE paths has C:\Devs\Kickstarts\ selected - so unsure why it is not finding it???

The C:\Devs\Kickstarts\directory also has all the RTB and PAT files.

I am at a loss. Please help.
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The .rom .rtb and .pat files need to be available to the Amiga, not WinUAE, so they are to be placed in Devs:Kickstarts/ on your Amiga hard drive.
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Fiery Phoenix
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Thanks for the reply!

Stooopid question but how do I that on an emu? Never attempted that before - I just load up my .adf files.

Do I have to load up Workbench and create a file?

I get it - add a hard drive in the emulator - looking good so far - fingers crossed

Thanks for the heads up
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Sorry I was a bit too quick to answer this, I thought you had a working WinUAE setup with WHDLoad running and that GameBase Amiga was big pack of downloadable games you could just throw in there. If you look inside the GameBase Amiga folder then there's a WHD/Devs/Kickstarts, or maybe this is what you meant with C:/Devs/Kickstarts?
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Fiery Phoenix
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I thought I had it but after some testing - I dont.

Some games like Beyond the Ice Palace and Beverley Hills Cop load up on WHDLoad without any of the kick33180, 34005, 40063 & 40068 images being in the specified directory.

I was beginning to think I finally had it sussed.

However when I try games that do require these file they just will not load up and I am getting the dos error message specifying the missing image.

For example Beneath a Steel Sky asks for kick34005.a500 - although it is in the folder along with the relevent PAT & RTB files,

I must be missing something really simple
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Fiery Phoenix
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I tried with a fresh head this morning - searched the net, read up on other similar problems. All to no avail.

To make it easy I will try and make clear what I am attempting.

1. I have successfully installed Gamebase Amiga

2. I can load up normal .adf files and play them with no problems

3. However when I select Extras / WHDLoad to run a game I get an error.

4. For example (Beneath a Steel Sky) states DOS Error 205, object not found devs:kickstarts/kick34005.a500. The normal .adf image runs fine in Gamebase Amiga

5. I have checked my Paths directory in WinUAE and my System ROMS and Configuration paths are set up correctly. All Kickstart ROMS in the specified file (as confirmed by the fact .adf files run ok) the only blank path is Rips. Not sure if this is the problem?

6. In my file C:\GameBase\GameBase Amiga\WHD\Devs\Kickstarts I have the following files:


7. When the game is booting up I have pressed F12 and selected Hard Drives to look at the paths/ They state:

DH0 - DH0 - C:\GameBase\Gamebase Amiga\whd
DH1 - DH1 - C\GBGame\rezip\beneathasteelsky_v2.0_0207

Is the problem that the DH0 is not set to C:\GameBase\GameBase Amiga\WHD\Devs\kickstarts?

I amended it to the above as it was booting up to link into the devs\kickstarts folder - no change. Grrrr.

8. I would add that I have no Hard Drive set up in WinUAE - is this causing the problem? Not too sure how to do that either.

9. I would add that some WHDLoad games run fine - seem to be the ones with 1 disk, Beyond the Ice Palace, Beach Volleyball, Beverley Hills Cop - when these zip files are removed from my WHDLoad Games file, they no longer run. So all set up ok (in Extra's) It appears the problems are the one's with more than one disk, Dune 2, Beneath a Steel Sky, Willy Beamish, etc. ALL come up with the missing kickxxxx error message.

Really at a loss. Not somebody who just wants to be lead to water - I have tried and spent numerous hours searching for the answer and trying various changes, but I am at a loss. I hold my hands up!

I hope the information I provided above is clear enough for someone to spot the error I am making.

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Fiery Phoenix
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All solved.
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Lemon Curry ?

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Amiga Lover

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what was wrong?
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