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Floppy disk Amiga 2000 keyBoard adaptor?

My amiga never came with a keyboard so i was wondering how hard it'd be to make a ps/2 to Amiga or AT to Amiga keyboard adaptor.
On the pinouts for the ports it seems that Id just need to solder the clocks and data etc pins to where they are on the Amiga port

https://www.sacc.org/mouse-joy-keyb/a-keyboard.htmlt Would it be as easy as making an adaptor that converts them to what the Amiga looks for or does the Amiga read keyboards in a different way so that even if I did have the pins the same way as an Amiga port it still wouldn't read?

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Unfortunately, the protocols are different, even if the pinouts are the same. It does mean that an A4000 (with a PS/2-type socket) can use an Amiga 2000 or 3000 keyboard with a simple passive adaptor and vice versa. But if you want to use a PC keyboard (either PS/2 or AT) with an Amiga, you'll need an active adaptor. You can get them, and there are projects on Aminet based on a PIC chip that you can build yourself that do the same job.
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