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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
You are doing something wrong, I have tested it, and it works without problems.

Inside SwazInfo, remember to press the NEW button, then write the tooltype where the cursor is, then press the ENTER key on your keyboard, and after that push the SAVE button.

You have probably missed to press the ENTER key in this tooltype editing procedure.

Thnx Gulliver but thats not it. I'm running Newicons 4.6 so maybe thats what's doing it, but still doesn't save. It also confuses the type of file the icon is for eg calls executables like commodities "drawer".

Also wbguage if run from wbstartup will bring up a workbench.library error, but is ok if I manually start it.

There is nothing additional on my system apart from CGX 4 and Newicons.

Not expecting a fix as these commodities are decades old, but just to give some feedback.
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Thank you, I hope it continues that way


Dan, I see your point, but then I believe adf is currently more managable due to the vast amount of tools that support it out there, much more than dms, and that makes it indeed more flexible.

Anyway, I have added DMS as a download option in the website. So now you can have BetterWB in DMS format too.


I tested on my system the SwazInfo problems you were having with excutables, and each and every executable I have is correctly treated like it should and not like a commodities drawer
Maybe it is that, some versions of NewIcons, that were known to have bugs, are the cause of your troubles. Anyway, I will surely point my guns at NewIcons, it is a very cool patch, but it always behaves like a nasty hack under some circumstances. BTW, check also if DefIcons (comes as an optional install in NewIcons 4.6) is the guilty partner.
Perhaps they have some documented tooltype/switch to somehow alleviate this.

On the other hand, try removing the DONOTWAIT tooltype that wbgauge has or change its priority. I am sure you will end up, with wbgauge fully working from WBStartup in one way or the other.

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Gulliver, just downloaded BetterWB 2.2 for my A600/ACA630 setup.

Very nice! I dont see any slowdown with any of the added software.
I love the disk labels that you included with the archives as well

Thank you for your hard work and I hope we see many more releases in the months to come!
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BetterWB 2.3 - The bugfix update - 25.08.2011

Macintosh floppy format (HFS) and proper mountlist (MAC0) implementation
Highly enahnced and optimised cdrom filesystem with many new features such as: Long filename support, Macintosh HFS, multiple session, hybrid (audio+data), and iso 9660 cdrom support
Rexxsyslib.library got bugfixed (WaitDosPacket)
Mathieeedoubbas.library has now the MathIEEE comparision fixed that was broken in its earlier version
IPrefs features now an increased stack to avoid stack overflows when loading worbkench backdrop pictures
Mfm.device got a stack increase to avoid problems with some programs
New and powerfull workbench system format

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We need more scans!

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All I can say is thanks.. also for your site... been using it quite abit.

alittle story of success with BW 2.2

I have a friend whom I recently pushed into getting an A1200.. first it was an unmodified one, then I got him to use an accelerator and WHDLoad..
you know how the story goes.. he then got a Blizz 1230 MK4 but when running whichamiga on it, it just halted..

Adding BW2.2 + some other stuff (MUI etc) Whichamiga actually worked with said card.
I like to think it was BetterWB that did this

cheers mate :-)
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Thanks for the new features, Gulliver!
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BetterWB 2.4 - 20.10.2011

-Some minor components got updated
-Compact disk player with lots of great features (ACDPlay)
-SetJoyPort is a program that improves the chances of using a CD32 style joypad with all games
-ClickNot commodity prevents floppy drives from issuing those excessive clicking sounds
-Break command can now accept multiple targets, find a program by CLI number, command or task name, etc
-Copy command has increased its functionality quite a lot
-Sort command uses standard I/O channels as a default, which makes Sort quite useful in I/O pipes. It will sort as much text as fits in your RAM
-Join command has been heavily enhanced and includes lots of new options
-Avail command now has a few more options

As usual, you can grab it from http://lilliput.amiga-projects.net/BetterWB.htm

@tomse @prowler
Thank you for your support
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Great work, gulliver!

I can't thank you enough for this, mate. I use WB3.1 almost exclusively!
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Paranoid Amigoid

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Awesome as always! Thanks a lot Gulliver my friend for this update! \o/
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Great job, gulliver I give it a try soon on my a500+
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Old 13 November 2011, 21:16   #31
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This seems to be a very clean and balanced expansion to 3.1, staying close to its roots.

Not tested yet, but this seems to be the perfect companion to my soon-to-be built A600 with ACA630 and Indivision ECS amongst others (I have every part needed, except for some minor piece of equipment: the A600 itself...)

Thanks for providing a lean & mean update to OS3.1! :-)

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just installed this... nice work!
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Leandro Jardim
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It will have another update, Gulliver?
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