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FS-UAE testing under SteamOS

I now have SteamOS machine running and I decided to try FS-UAE on it. So I downloaded SteamOS version and extracted it to SteamOS machine, and then created startup shortcuts for it.

Adding FS-UAE Launcher and Arcade icons to Steam was easy, no problems. However, there is few usability issues with FS-UAE Launcher.

Launcher need to be used for changing settings and scanning games and roms only. It does not need to be perfect, just usable - and it almost is.

Here is list issues I found out:

Tiny fonts in Launcher (which probably is Steamos bug)
It seems that Steamos sets display DPI to some really weird value, which causes all applications using standard UI toolkits to show really really tiny fonts - basically everything is unreadable.
Fortunately there is working fix, I found it here:

Edit file /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf, and uncomment xserver-command line, and set it to be like:
xserver-command=X -dpi 96

This fixes the issue with some game launchers, which also have this tiny fonts problem (Trine for example)

You may experiment with the DPI setting to get a value which you are comfortable with.

All windows are opened stretched to fullscreen

SteamOS has quite interesting window manager - all windows are always bring on front and stretched to fullscreen. There is no windowing system at all. In FS-UAE Launcher, this causes some interesting effects:

- Main menu opens as its own fullscreen window, and is little bit confusing to use, but it works

- It is impossible to close some windows, because ALT-F4 does not work, and there is no window controls to close windows with. For example, settings window cannot be closed. Every window would need dedicated Close button

- when I activate "Update file database" the main window and scan window flicker back and forth, and it is unusable. When I try to click somehting, scan window disappears. Update game database however works. Sometimes I can get update file database function to work as well, but it is kind of unreliable

Biggest problem of course being the absense of ability to close some windows - this means I cannot reconfigure any settings because I am unable to close settings window - also logging in to Games database does not work (workaround: I modified Settings.ini file manually taking the settings from my Linux machine).

Mouse cursor hidden

Mouse cursor is not shown all the time and is unresponsive. This looks like SteamOS bug, because it happens for example with Trine launcher too.

FS-UAE Arcade

FS-UAE Arcade works flawlessly. Steam Controller is detected as Xbox 360 controller and works as it should, so gaming itself is not a problem. I would say best way to solve this would be to implement basic configuration & scanning abilities to FS-UAE Arcade, so that Launcher would not need to be used at all?
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Thank you for a very thorough test report

I'm adding an option which will add close buttons to all dialogs. That should help a lot. (I also have some experimental code which can run the dialogs as "fake windows" inside the Launcher window, but maybe the close buttons will be good enough).

About the DPI, maybe I can add an option to tell Qt to ignore it (if it is possible). Or, I can add an option to specify the font size in pixels (I've already got code for that).

Finally, I can probably auto-enable these options if I detect that the Launcher is running in a Steam session.

Of course, basic settings, login, and scanning in FS-UAE Arcade is also something I should do eventually.

(Btw: I've now deprecated the SteamOS version and don't plan to release new versions of that. However, since then, I'm now maintaining a generic Linux version which should work equally well on SteamOS also.)
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