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Originally Posted by Jope View Post
Often a good book also helps to get you started.
There's a very valuable resource not yet mentioned here: magazines.

Maybe this was lost in Amiga mags a bit and that makes me sad, but the question did not mention platform, so for the 8-bit ones, magazines had plenty of lessons and code to play with!

Also since machines came with a BASIC interpreter normally, you could get started right away, you needed nothing extra to start coding. This would ease you into the structure of the machine and paved your way to learn assembler.

8-bit computer manuals also usually included code to play with while they explained how to program your computer, that was huge, the manual of the computer explained how to code for it. Personally that was my first point of contact with programming, fixing their bugged listings or modifying them to get new effects.

The problem with Amiga, mentioned in another thread, is that it is a much more complex machine to program, so even coming form another platform requires a steep learning process (IMO)
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My local library had a Sinclair QL assembler book. The QL used a 68008 CPU which from the programmers point of view it's identical to the 68000.

The 68k is definitely one of the easiest assembler dialects to learn. I've written code for 68k, 6809, Z80 and a little SH4, MIPS & ARM. Never touched x86, that's nasty!
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Originally Posted by Jackoland View Post
How on earth did teenagers in their bedrooms learn to code assembly. I find it impossible to learn this language. It looks like gobbledygook. I get to a point and I think I'm understanding and then something else crops up to confuse me. How did they do it!
I learned the first steps on the C64 and Amiga from an Atari scener, Mega/Sync, and picked up a lot from coding tutorials in magazines, and looking and experimenting with other people's code.
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