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So I found my 600, now need help !

Hi Guys,

New member here so Hi to all

I finally managed to get my old 600 out of the Attic, I powered it up and it worked fine -all complete with mouse, Comp pro & Monitor but sadly no discs so I'm starting a fresh after 25 years !

Anyway, it's been a long time since I last opened it up and my question is I have seen a few people on various social media mentioning converting it to compact flash etc and upgrading the memory but I am completely clueless about this but want to relive my Sensi, Xenon2 & Chaos Engine days !

If anyone could give me any advice on what to buy to convert this I would really appreciate it.

I have a 4gb Compact flash card if that helps !

Thanks in advance
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Welcome. Its great you have kept your old A600. I will have to be that "guy" and recommend you look at getting the capacitors changed (recapping) as they will be deteriorating and will likely fail and damage the motherboard. Plenty of people around on here and Amibay that can do that work for you. Recommended to do that as soon as you can to enjoy the machine for years to come.

Second, you can setup your A600 to have a Compact Flash hard drive with an IDE to CF adaptor, plenty of sellers around for that. Then you can use whdload to play games - but if you have a base stock vanilla Amiga 600, you will need an extra 1mb chip memory (to go in the slot beneath) then some fast ram. Fast ram can be bought in many ways - with accelerators like the Furia, or just RAM cards. This will give the best experience with whdload.

I have several amigas, but for my A600 - I didn't do a compact flash solution or any extra RAM as above. I just mounted a Gotek floppy emulator internally using a 3d bracket. I run all my games from ADF disk images on a USB with the Gotek. Its just a substitute for real floppies, loads as slowly as a real floppy but is cheaper than all the gear above. My A1200 does the whdload thing.

Whatever you do good luck and enjoy!
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AMIGAstore and Retro Ready do an all in one Gotek if you don't have access to a 3d printer.
(The plastic cradle for the circuit board is free to download if you do have a printer)
This is a straight swap for the floppy drive and is all you need if you don't mind waiting for games to load and swapping disks as the speed is the same as the floppies.
You should easily find the ADF's (Amiga Disk file) for all the games (sometimes they come with the Gotek if you buy off ebay.

If you want to update the 600 to load games instantly then look into WHDload and the hardware recommendations as suggested above. But I'd try the Gotek first as is the cheapest option if the Amiga ends up back in the attic in a couple of weeks when you've had your fill of nostalgia.

You'll also need a cable to connect it to the TV.
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Thanks for that guys, thats great info

Will take a look tonight and report back once done !
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