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Filter issues(?)

I've tried to lend Toni's ear about this before

1. A PAL filter without the gratuitous RF/composite shadow... and
2. Scanlines where the "shadow line" doesn't go THROUGH the enlarged pixels (as in the picture by lbg83430)...

would be VICE-ish enough to make most ppl happy, I think.
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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Offset was already added few betas ago.

I won't touch any software filters anymore. Shaders or RGB masks is the correct method today.
But shaders and masks don't align with scaled pixels either. And then you get shadowlines through pixels again. (And masks are completely broken, but I don't want to harp on about it, I've given up.)
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Toni Wilen
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You need to include much more details if you want any useful replies because filters are near the lowest priority feature ever. They are simply stupid. And they do work as designed so there is nothing broken. Perhaps they don't work like you want them to do but that is not my problem. Remember that I'll get really annoyed when "it does not work" is the only information.

EDIT: also it seems everyone seems to have different option when it is about filters and scanlines and similar stuff and everyone else's opinion is usually always wrong. Don't assume that, thanks.

Also, don't hijack others thread. I don't see how your posts have anything to do with scanline offsets. EDIT: moved.

Last edited by Toni Wilen; 02 November 2018 at 20:55.
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Well, so now the moved replies will appear as strange and out of context instead

But shaders are lores and have extra bling in games, i.e. lores. Good for gamers, no good for users.

I think many would be happy with a scaled up image of PAL hires to the chosen window/fullscreen resolution, scanlines aligning to the bottom of each scaled up pixel.

I will "do the rounds" again with all possible settings and shaders. A problem was the lack of documentation, but maybe someone can link some now?

If I make a good Host configuration, can that be used on another machine and with a later WinUAE version? Because as I see it even if I make one it will be for a specific screen/window resolution.
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