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Originally Posted by 73IGH View Post
He definatly had curly hair thats for sure.

lol a lot of people thought that JCS was "Johnstown", it was actually "Jellybean"


I was a mate of Mr.Wig, havent seen him since those days, he was from Gwersylt.

Haven't really grown out of it all, i'm still in touch with the scene and have a huge collection of PC demos now, love it !!!


I am not Scottish and didn't come from Gwersyllt either ha ha.


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I was there

I was there many moons ago or so it seems... I joined near to beginning and was young lad, would come with Father who would carry in the monitor/TV for Me haha..

I had a Sinclair spectrum 48k rubber keyboard at first then onto a +2 and a 128k.... The big ole tape recorders. I would bring in a ghetto blaster to do copying - shhhh lol....

Soon was onto the micro drive and still have it in attic along with some original games like Manic Miner and Barmy burgers - got a load but, just not the spectrum anymore - don't know what happened to be honest.

Then I had Amiga and even had back taken off to allow the extra memory put in - was like a big metal wedge what I remember and all of maybe 1 or 2 megabytes...yes MEGA bytes...lol...

I remember the guy with big beard - bit of Brian blessed or perhaps the guy from the similar time period off TV series knightmare... think son was Paul with glasses...

At first was small place and then the hall with tons of tables and tons of copying going on back in the day of the tapes hehe then there was a room for the separate BBC and Archimedes.

I soon was one of the ones with first PCs - and that had be carried in too along with a citizen ABC printer - WOW - lol....

I remember the mx and dx chips I think and first intel pentiums and the big p2s that had to slot in... think it was at one stage who had the biggest or rather tallest case.... for some unknown reason... those were the days of the ole floppy disks and 5 1/4 before the 3 1/2" ones...

Learnt a lot during the time as everyone was friendly and helpful and we were all at the cusp before the pcs took off and now would love go back in time with a laptop just to freak us all out haha...

Soon after I remember it began problems I think with rental going up for the room or something and also it had become a console lan party rather than actual computers etc...

I had also gone a couple of times to the club that was over in Deeside and went regular too to the one in Chester.

I used to always attend the Chester computer fair even if needed nothing - just to go browse and sometimes get over to Bowlers in Manchester....

Had often thought be good if had something similar again for the area.... sure be a lot of us who grew up could meet up for a pint perhaps or chat and see who now has the smallest laptop rather than tallest case lol... Be kool to get a room and club going again - although times are different - just a wifi hotspot be needed now I guess and that can be done off a mobile these days... Imagine turning up back in the day with an IPhone or something.... people would have gone nuts and thought it witchcraft haha...

Good memories and if anyone thinking of getting something going or just wants to meet up then please get in touch...

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I also used to go to the Wrexham computer club back in the early 90's, damn good days. Just getting back in to the Amiga scene (first step will be to actually buy one (emulation is ok but can't beat the real thing!)).

Used to love coding on Amos and was part of the Omega Design group, so looking to get back into Amos coding again
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Had to sign up to post on this but i think it will be well worth it...

I used to go to this religiously with my friends from about 1990 to 1993 when the Amiga was really king there. Funny thing i came looking on the net for stuff about the Memorial Hall Computer Club after a drunken conversation with a friend ended up going onto the subject. I think the first time i went there i took my C64 and had someone make a smart arse remark about it. 10 minutes later i had put Salamander on and the same person though i was using a different machine.

Some great memories....

X Copy

Saving up all my school dinner money through the week to buy the 3.5 inch discs that they used to sell for 50p each.

The as mentioned stripper incident.

A couple of people who always seemed to have the latest console release stuff from Japan. You know the sort of stuff you would drool over in C&VG. I missed one week and a friend from school reckoned someone had bough in a Neo Geo AES.

The first time on of my friends managed to get a copy of some XXX Amiga discs. He was the most popular guy in school for a while after that!!!!

PC owners sitting in the corner

It used to get incredibly busy and i do remember at one point the entire hall was in use which when you consider how big it is is some achievement.

From what i can remember toward the end of i think the people running it were getting issues about the amount of piracy going on there (Ironic considering it was right next to the police station) There was a rumor they had got visited i think it was by FACT or something like that. I do remember getting asked to stop copying stuff and it getting quite hasslely.

I think i took a break for about a year from going and the went back about early 94 possibly and it was on its backside (might be wrong on those dates) Not sure when it actually stopped though.

I was actually surprised theres no Facebook group or anything like that for this,
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Originally Posted by Mr.Wig View Post

I am not Scottish and didn't come from Gwersyllt either ha ha.



The Scottish guy i was refering to was one of the BBC guys.
If not Gwersyllt then Gresford ?

How are you doing ?
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