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workbence issue


just trying to get a workbence with harddisk file on a pc to work.
reason is simple to install games like Reunion on a workbence so it run the the harddisk virtual file.

current issue install of OS then disk harddisk file is not seen by winuae

and even try to make it scsi as os.

i have even tryed to locaate other threads in the support forum , i bet they are there i just cant to find or search wrong terms for them,

you could make pin down threads with this to make it easier for ther next person.

and i have give up on dos version on reunion to many have complain over that crash version, even i try that version wayback in olddays.

but i found a new video that someone actual played on tube, and i bet its the Amiga version it work on.

this game do have high 5 on it, some compare this game with deuteros and mimilium return to earth games, and yet its not.

even found a working amiga version of the game it do start up in nonedos version, but its a hell to play at disk version, it keep swap them.

so i hope there is some other that know what is going on here.

getting a workbence working on harddisk file and install games then needed.

not sure why there is not guide section with this and you have to youtube it, problem here is missing configuration and lack of knowhow.

sure i am on right track almost there, but something is missing in the explanation, and i bet other might have solve this, already.

it seem to me that winuae could use some predefined configuration
dont forget some of us have not use a amiga over 35+ years, so yeah chipset and what can work with 68020 or what version of amigaOS is a forgotten world,

its just a amiga game setup, no fancy app runs
hope winuae board can see why pinned down threads with guide to fast learn amiga again should be there.

most quickly learn a none dos setup game, but it should be there anyway
next gen people dont know amiga emulator at all.

next could be diffrent configuration solutions to FAQ on most default

a500 1,2 , 1,3 ( as i recall it )
bla bla

a500+ with hardisk setup ( 1.3 as i recall it)
bla bla

a2000 ( sorry forgot this latest amiga before i moved pc )

this is just a rough example, but it could help amiga users again
dont forget find something today on internet is harder, the search engine
dont search anymore they has show selected sponsor crap and outdate games is even harder to find.

its almost impossible to search old title games, you have to be on a site with old games to have a chance.

dont forget this is not a critic on this site , this is suggestions to improve it.
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I know this doesn't explain things for you; don't have time whilst at work...

But you could always use my bare-bones / self-botting .HDF of Reunion [AGA].

Grab it from here; and use an AGA configuration with 2MB Chip & 4MB Fast RAM: /~Uploads/DamienD/HDFs/Reunion AGA HDF.rar

Edit: and thread moved, it's not really a support.WinUAE issue.

Edit2: you could try following this guide also http://guide.abime.net/wbsetup.htm.

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