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Question would this be possible? A1200 keyboard membrane hack

Ok, so basically, I want to do this thing with my 2 A1200's. syncing 2 protrackers together, but obviously protracker doesn't have MIDI stop/start.

Ok I could just press the 2 buttons together, or the 2 mouses. but would if a little thing like this is possible? look at picture below.. don't laugh!

I got all the kit ready, solder iron, screwdriver, some wires, a couple of microswitches. this SHOULD be possible right? or is the green membranes too fragile to do this in a non-destructive way? there's 3 layers of it right? it would be a bit scary. I haven't actually took the amiga apart yet to see what it's like.

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I would not solder on that plastic! It would probably melt. (It will melt)

Can you use OctaMed? It has MIDI support.
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Please don't do this! The membrane is incredibly delicate. You would destroy it in an instant - guaranteed.
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Can't you just cellotape some conductive foil to connect the wires rather than soldering?
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there is no need to touch the keyboard, there are 31 lines coming from the A1200 keyboards that you can tap into on the motherboard, the matrix is pretty well the same as the A500 so you can find out which lines you need to tap into and in theory just use tyhe one button to control both
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thanks for the replies! OK, won't solder it! I'm one of the (hopefully many) folks that don't wanna damage Amiga property in anyway because of... well history!

I'll see what I can do regarding the conductive foil and if not that, the tapping into the motherboard.

As for the OctaMED reply, I love OctaMED and obviously it's the easier option with the sync, but for this project I'm on now I want to do it with PT instead (because of a few sampler tool features OctaMED doesn't have) + I've already done an OctaMED X2 thingy. I'm actually PhineusII, the youtube oldschool jungle guy but that's probably a pointless brag if you don't care/like jungle, hardcore breakbeat etc and all that.
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Originally Posted by lost_lemming View Post
syncing 2 protrackers together, but obviously protracker doesn't have MIDI stop/start.
It does, at least v 2.3. A few notes from some octave below ProTracker range are mapped to "Play Song", "Play Pattern", "Pause", "Stop" and "Record".
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