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I'm sure one of the tracks on one side showed as a 7 but it was some time ago but I won't say too much otherwise next you'll be asking me for a dump of it since it had different protection ;-)

I copied many games with XCopy and then cycloned only one 7 track normally or the occassional 2 if memory serves me right

I remember taking a very very long time to cyclone dragons lair (even though I know have 3 legitimate copies LOL) since practically every track on all 6 disks were long track. Cyclone would copy a 7 but the shift (or whatever you want to call it) was sometimes too great to be recognised as authentic and the game would fail to load that section. I'd go back and copy that one track and try and boot up, it was exciting at times to get just one click further before it hung again LOL
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I am pretty sure that Giana never used longtracks, as the protection is merely re-arranging data (and if I am right also using different syncs), but nothing spectacular. There even was a parameter for CV Parameter Copier, made by the same guys (Rene Feibicke and maybe Thomas Lopatic) that did the protection.

Dragon's Lair is another story as this one did use longtracks. Cycloning means force shifting the read signal to the destination. Due to bit shift on the inner tracks data needs to be pre-compensated by moving bit cells to make sure they appear where they are supposed to appear after reading them back. The Amiga can pre-comp data, but not when using Cyclone as the signal is shifted from the source to the destination. Now by not shifting, the bits do not appear in the correct framing when reading them back... and you get read errors. As bit shift does not matter on the outer tracks, bad copies usually boot fine but fail after track 50 or similar.

Click image for larger version

Name:	bitshift.png
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ID:	32923

In the graph, bit cell 1 comes early, whereas cell 2 is a little late.
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There is one of these going on ebay for £5000 (plus £8 p+p lol) is he a dreamer or is it worth that much now?
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And it's untested. He should buy C64 if he want that funny price for his games.
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It´s tested ! And the game was sold for this price ! O__o
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In working order when stored, but as I no longer have a C64 and disk drive, am selling as untested.
Not really tested recentlly. Anyway, silly prices meets rich collectors. Nothing new.

Edit: Ah, is see. Anyway...
EDIT -Game loaded and tested 04/11/12( cheers macc).
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