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Old 16 October 2019, 22:03   #41
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Time passes and in my spare time, I decided to create an installation package for amigaOS 4.1 FE.
This time I decided not to create more guides dedicated to AmigaOS 4.1 FE classic 53.71.
But do something much more concrete, something that is simple to use for those who use winUAE.
Probably if I have no feedback for the interest of this package.
The project will remain only for personal use.
Although I would like to have advice on how to finish the job I did.
Especially from the point of view of copyright and related advice, I am not an expert in this.
Here you can see what I'm doing using my purchased personal copy.

here the work I did in my tests, it is a complete package that installs all the applications that are used for amigaOS 4.1FE fun.
Without being experts in winUAE but only for those who bought the copy and maybe can't get a fun use of the system.
I have never seen an advanced use of winUAE with 4.1 this because Toni's emulation, however extraordinary, was not created for a use of 4.1 ppc.
If you can watch some videos here, in practice the work is completed.
I would just like to have some opinion on this and if it can be considered interesting.
The package will take care of installing all the applications available to you with the scripts already configured and ready for use on a system consisting of 2 AmigaOS = HD0 and Work = HD1 partitions in a completely automatic manner.
tried and tested by me over time and above all not coming into conflict with each other.

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Old 19 October 2019, 13:02   #42
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Completed the basic installation script of amigaOs 4.1FE Classic 53.71
installation time 5-6 minutes including UAEgfx sb128 ethernet already configured.
At the moment it remains for demonstration purposes only, although I would like to put it online but at the moment it's not possible.
With another installation script in 10 minutes you would have a system ready to use to do a little bit of everything.
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Old 19 October 2019, 14:23   #43

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Thanx for doing this.
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Old 19 October 2019, 20:44   #44
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thanks, they are just examples.
For example, RunInUAE must be installed before the uaegfx driver, in this way the crash is avoided.
I have to do some tests on other software but I have almost finished.
Too bad for the lack of interest in this OS.
But only those who have used amigaOS have fun with this system and try to emulate it, and even if it has some limits if configured well it can be fun.
Perhaps using a simplified installation many people can try it.
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Old 13 November 2019, 19:00   #45
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Hello, The link at https://1drv.ms/b/s!Am9nRCGb_XSzpSYZt0tmBgY7JBrx doesnt work. Can you repost please. Thank you
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Old 13 November 2019, 20:09   #46
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Hi davethemackem,
here you find the link of the written guide long ago.
Many things changed when that guide was written.
However, it remains an excellent starting point for the configuration of the 4.1 FE Classic.
I hope you can be useful in some way.
Currently I have created a completely automatic installation program as soon as I have time I will put it online.
As you can see in the post, few people have intervened to share their experiences, and support for this system is really scarce.
So if you encounter difficulties or feel the need to share your experiences I would like to.
I would also like to know what hardware you use for its use.
To understand the speed of execution with this emulation I use an I5 2400.
Currently I was thinking of buying a "ryzen 3600X" given the affordable prices.
Among the many things I was thinking of creating something for AmigaForever for the 4.1 FE Classic.
Every person has problems.
This helps me to overcome and take my mind off at certain times because for years I have been facing a battle alongside my wife and I still do it today because it is a terrible disease that destroys life.
But you need to be strong and move forward and the mind needs to think of something else.
Well I hope it can be useful in some way.
here the link of the guide.
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