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Compiling CLib37 with VBCC 0.9

Hello all,

As a first step towards writing device driver for custom hardware, I am trying to compile the CLib37 against NDK 3.1 using the most recent VBCC 0.9. I get the following error message for the LibInit.c:

error 3005: reloc type 1, size 8, mask 0xffffffff (symbol _ExLibID + 0x4051ce24) not supported
This seems to be an error message from vasm. I took a look at resulting .asm file to see what could be wrong with _ExLibID symbol but could not see anything suspicious (I am a complete newbie in Amiga programming). Along with the _ExLibID symbol, there is the _ExLibName symbol which is basically the same char string, but vasm accepts it quite happily.

In spite of the error 3005, the listing ends with 'There have been no errors', and there is no .o file either.

Could anybody please help me here? Thanks.
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The DataTab structure apparently misses offset for lib_Flags (marked in bold). After I have added it everything compiles just fine.

DataTab =
#ifdef VBCC
        0x0080,10,(ULONG) &ExLibName[0],
        0x80,24,(ULONG) &ExLibID[0],
        (ULONG) 0
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All data after the missing "14" have been written to an earlier (wrong) structure element. In the case of the error message, the 32-bit pointer ExLibID has written into an 8-bit field.

Vasm's error message means that the AmigaOS hunk file format does not support 8-bit pointers.

The listing file contained "There have been no errors", because the error was recognized in the output module, after the listing has been written.
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