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one of the most weirdest thing that i have ever had with an amiga, was like 9-10 years ago (i may be wrong about this) i was playing toki, and the screen came up upside down... it was weird, strange, i decided to take a pic but was out of film so i couldnt... i still dont know how it did happen....
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Maybe that was you who turned upside down Welcome to eab mate .
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toki being upside down

well that s another probability, but i m somehow sure that i wasnt me being upside. maybe i forgot the monitor upside down... guess not... ?
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Maybe the world was upside down but you were attending so much attention to that monkey that you just thought there was something wrong with the game.

On second thought, probably the screen was upside down. yes.
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Post Upside down antics

From memory, the built-in cheat mode for Toki turns the screen upside down when activated, so that is probably what you have seen.

Check out Back to the Roots under the docs section for the cheat mode.

Incidentally, flipping the screen upside down on the Amiga is incredibly easy (as long as the game doesn't use sprites!) simply by changing the modulo to a negative number and setting the bitplane addresses to the end of the pic - then it constructs the display by drawing the bottom line, adding on the negative value (which is now the previous line) and draws that until it hits the top! Isn't that cool!
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Cheat mode is KILLER, Function keys select different worlds, if you type KILLER again, it flips the screen.

There were two releases of TOKI, one of them had the cheat constantly activated.
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TOKI was also available as a table arcade coin-op game. The screen flipping was used for the two player mode. It's funny they included it in the Amiga conversion.
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well thanks for the replies.... i havent known that there is a cheat that makes the screen flip verically, but the main thing is that that hapenned when thegame just started. the game appeared upside down at the start.... i guess i havent mentioned that at my first post.... thanks for the replies.. may the force with you...

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