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bsdsocket.library and uaenet.device

Hi Toni,
They are two different things and I am aware of them being two independent programs and processes isolated from each other.
There may be a way to bypass the bsdsocket.library with uaenet.device to get it to E-UAE with 4.1FE
I also tried as I had in the past simply to rename for example:
ethernet.device in uaenet.device and with amigaos 4.1 the trick works, although unfortunately the connection is not of excellent quality.
So I abandoned the idea long ago.

Thanks for a possible answer and sorry if I always talk about 4.1FE
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I added the entry to E-UAE
bsdsocket_emu=true ( but it seems to be enabled only on linux and macOS )

also i was wondering if rxsocket.library could be useful for the purpose and in what way it can be used.
If this is an old method, you consider my question unnecessary.

here the reference link if it can be useful:

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bsdsocket support is an optional feature of UAE. If your version of E-UAE was compiled without bsdsocket support, then it's simply not there and cannot be activated.

I am quite sure that E-UAE is too old to have uaenet.device, so it's not there, either.

IIRC there are two versions of E-UAE for OS4, one with SDL and one without. I think it was so that the SDL version is better in emulating native gfx and games but lacks features like bsdsocket and uaegfx.

rxsocket.library requires bsdsocket.library, it's not a replacement.
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Hi thomas,
thanks for the reply, and for your explanations.
I always ask, only in this way can things be learned.
I probably go outside the box, but it's just to be able to use 4.1 in a fun way.
a few years ago I bought amigaforever + 4.1FE, I was away from the amiga world for a long time.
So without any preparation and documentation I purchased the complete package.
Thinking ... that if it was sold commercially it would work without problems.
Then I realized that the emulation was incomplete for 4.1FE.
Certainly not at the levels of 3.xx fully emulated.

Today I have achieved good results with 4.1FE and I turn to the forums to ask for advice on how best to use 4.1FE.

We all know that there is certainly no need for AmigaOS to use the internet and other applications with today's computing.
It remains a hobby and many people who use winUAE had an amiga and therefore appreciate this emulator.

Although repeated several times by Toni WinUAE is not fully supported by 4.1FE and we try to faithfully reproduce the emulation of the real hardware from the 3.xx side.

But given the excellent results for me on the use of the 4.1FE every now and then I ask some questions concerning the 4.1, on the other hand I built the 4.1 for winUAE piece by piece and doing many tests.

And every now and then I ask a few questions to see if anything in the 4.1 side can be improved.
As I have repeated many times 3.xx works perfectly.

Currently Amikit-X also works with E-UAE with 4.1 but needs some tweaks for my personal use.

These are some tests that I am doing to see how I can build my light workbench for use in E-UAE.
But obviously without the enabled-supported bsdsocket.library it is useless for example to use Netsurf etc.

So thanks again for the reply.
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I am not sure if I understand what you are trying to do. E-UAE is a rather old port of UAE. Its development stopped at version 0.8.29 and lacks many features which made it into WinUAE later.

The only advantage of E-UAE is that a PPC port exists for AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS.

E-UAE is quite useful to run classic Amiga software (mostly games) on next-gen Amigas like AmigaOne and beyond.

It does not make much sense to run E-UAE on classic Amigas because it's too slow and classic Amigas can run games much better natively. You better make a dual-boot system which lets you boot into either OS3 or OS4 depending on what software/game you want to run.

And it makes absolutely no sense to run E-UAE on OS4 on WinUAE. WinUAE is the much more advanced version of UAE. It can emulate any Amiga model you want with almost any existent Amiga hardware expansion. E-UAE on OS4 classic runs at most at the same speed it would run on a real classic Amiga. WinUAE can run at any speed you want, from 1:1 classic speed up to a thousand times faster. You really lose all the good experience and fun if you limit yourself to E-UAE.

Netsurf is already rather slow in WinUAE with all its speed. It will be unusable slow in E-UAE.
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Hi thomas,
I fully understand your point of view.
And that's right.
I use 3.xx with winuae and apart from when I tried to use it with the PPC option I never encountered any problems.
So I do not ask questions about 3.xx very often.
E-UAE I use it because it is part of 4.1FE and makes the operating system experience more complete.
I use both versions E-UAE SDL + UAEGFX
And also the E-UAE X1000 version which is much faster than the SDL version at least in emulation with WinUAE.
The only problem is that the X1000 version does not support UAEGFX
but it works perfectly using whdload then demos and games.

I have used 3.xx for years with real hardware and apart from the satisfaction of seeing the extremely fast "workbench" it is a system that in its time I have used in every way.

So mine is a simple passion for something new that I have never used at the time like 4.1FE

WinUAE is a fantastic tool linked to the original hardware where extraordinary work has been done.

I remember that when I used the WinUAE 0.8x the killing ground II version, it was unplayable.

That was the last version I used of WinUAE before I got close to the amiga emulation, I think 20 years have passed.

I had forgotten everything and asked many questions on the Italian forums to resume using the "workbench" after many years.

I tried qemu with 4.1 unfortunately it was not as I expected the project seems to have stopped.

So the only place where I can ask questions about 4.1 and EAB and Amigans.

I have prepared a 4.1 installation scipt that I am perfecting even though it is practically finished.
with a simple click you get a system ready for use with all the applications already configured and ready for use.
And the result of many tests carried out over time, the biggest difficulty is not in running the 4.1 but using a single configuration of WinUAE that is compatible with everything, I would say I did.
Obviously having the original CD it is possible to use this script.
I opened a topic on APP support on EAB where you can see the progress.
Too bad about the little feedback from other users.

In short, at the moment I'm interested in 4.1 because it's nice to use it.
Having well configured E-UAE I realized that it does not have support for bsdsocket, and I was wondering if there was a way to support it.
To include it in the script I am making for 4.1FE

Because after all even if you use the 3.xx but you have no experience with the "workbench" it is practically empty once installed and as I have seen many works have been done to have guided installations to have a working and ready "workbench" use.

I have no other places but these where I can ask my questions about 4.1FE.
And that's all, of course always in a polite way.

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The script takes care of the installation of OS 4.1FE with UAEGFX already activated network and audio card.
It downloads a .hdf and all the applications to be installed directly from the internet and deletes them once downloaded and takes care of installing all the applications with the settings ready for WinUAE.

And possibly also create an installer for AmigaForever 8.

The problem that arises is that at that point the .hdf file will be complete and ready to be used.
And this conflicts with the subject of copyright anyone could put it on the net because it will be complete.
For these reasons, finally, this work is not very useful, then it would be enough to put a ready-made .hdf without doing all these steps.

So I was thinking about what to do always for those interested in 4.1 to preserve this type of installation.

It was probably never done for these reasons I guess but this is only a personal thought.

But on the other hand the script was created for those who have a copy purchased without it will not work.

But once the .hdf file is ready it could be put on the net by anyone.

I repeat and only a personal thought on which I reflected.
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