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Not sure, but it doesn't matter what you enter, even clencheds 'made up' answers work to get into the original game it's when the game checks the word and finds it's not correct then the game breaks the car or somehing.
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Originally Posted by butfluffy View Post
the wording in game really makes it sound like there should be a test card included. how stupid is that when you need to refer to the manual. confusing lol.
Yea, but still using the word page should have been a giveaway they weren't talking about a card. Also, if you select Italian the word manuale appears about where test card is on the English screen.

All I can think of is maybe the test card could be a printout of the Italian answers and slipped into the English package. This way they wouldn't have to change the disk to add a new set of codes.

Anyway I think you're in fine shape with either the Captain's or Galahad's disk. Both of these already passed the failure point many times over and then some.
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yeah i agree. and another game crossed off the not working properly list
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move.l #$c0ff33,throat

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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
and stupid blitter checksum generator removed which would fail on too fast a machine, though to be fair to the programmers, I don't think 040 and 060 was the intended target for this game.
Care to elaborate why a perfectly valid blit should fail on 68040/60?
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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
Care to elaborate why a perfectly valid blit should fail on 68040/60?
Because it did the blit with no wait after it, about 3 instructions later the code modifies that same place the blitter wrote to and on 040 and 060 the processor code acts on that memory address first when the blitter should modify first.

Tried it in winuae and the blitter checksum fails with 040+ speed
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Obtained a copy of 'Hits for Six Vol 7' recently and this includes 1000 Miglia with the Security Aptitude Test in the manual and asked for during the game, all words are from the Italian manual even if you select English

I have a shit phone camera, I know

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