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WinUAE for Windows RT...?

Would it be possible to compile WinUAE for Windows RT - eg the Surface? I realise the optimisation for the JIT engine will not work for the ARM chip, however could something be achieved here?
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Old 28 November 2012, 09:29   #2
Toni Wilen
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No, I am not interested even trying.

It would practically become a new port with very different internals and GUI and everything (RT != Win32). And it is closed system, no thanks.
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Ah, I thought there might be just about enough of the API to make it work, but thinking on how much WinUAE gets into the system then that makes sense. Damn.
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Just remember RT is the "New" name for Windows CE
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Well, no, it isn't.
I could elaborate, but that's already been done to death on the net
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Old 11 December 2012, 10:43   #6
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Frode was also asked about a Windows RT build of FS-UAE. The problem with that direction is that the Windows RT SDK does not support either OpenGL or SDL (it requires Direct3D11), so again it would require pretty much a whole different fork.

The same issues would be presented if using PUAE as a base. It would need a whole new GUI, graphical frontend using Direct3D11 (and fullscreen only) and other platform-specific internals.

The same WinRT SDK is used on x86, x64 and ARM, so it should be possible for a "RT-UAE" build to enable JIT for x86 (32-bit).

It is a closed system too, although I look forward to news on jailbreaking Windows RT devices, as it might help with emulators on this otherwise walled garden.

I can see why Toni wishes to avoid the closed WinRT platform and stick with Win32... however all of the possible bases for a modern port of UAE to WinRT owe a lot to Toni's work on the UAE emulation core, so such an emulator is likely to ultimately be a fork from WinUAE's core (like FS-UAE or PUAE).
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