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Originally Posted by Zak View Post
I am playing with WinUAE (got no space to set up real Amigas).

I noticed that not only I can't do aftertouch in SWOS but neither in Total Football and I wonder if there is something wrong with the settings or with WinUAE.

But everything is fine with aftertouch in Goal!. Weird.
Do you use the keyboard, redefined or not? Under the "Game Ports" section? It should work, maybe your out of touch!?
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Thanks for detailed instructions van dammesque, I will try to practice them whenever I have time to play soon.

So your goals work with WinUAE. That's important, too.

Edit: I use a XBox 360 Gamepad on my PC.
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Originally Posted by van_dammesque View Post
Do you use the keyboard, redefined or not? Under the "Game Ports" section? It should work, maybe your out of touch!?
Nearly sure Aftertouch on Total Football worked a little different than in Sensi and SWOS.

Anyway, you can also hold button then move the stick to neutral position on the vertical axis, you'll get a slightly higher shot, good for medium-range shots.

I remember there was a cracked version of the first SWOS that had SUPER GOALIES, they were basically impossible to beat (but only on AI teams), the easiest way to score against them were actually dribbling them.

But on "proper" SWOS versions... long diagonal shots usually work well, bend the ball inward or outwards to get as close as possible to the corner of the net.

Other way to score is to shoot straight close to the middle of the goal and do a little bend inward (if you are more to the left, bend right and vice-versa). Bend it JUST A LITTLE. No need to try to hit the corner from shots like that - Goalies will usually save that. If you are like 2 pixels to the left of the exact center of the net, try to make the ball hit 2 pixels to the right of the center of the net. I score a lot of goals doing this.

From corners just shoot straight (not diagonal), no need to bend the ball, and try to score a header on the first post.

It's also possible to score shooting direct from free kicks, though this needs more practice to be done.

SWOS indeed is harder than Sensible Soccer, it's not just the goalies that are better, the AI overall plays a better game too. On Sensi 1.2 I usually score more than 10 goals on matches where the teams are even and rarely ever loses a game. On SWOS I sometimes even lose a match or two against the CPU. But of course this just makes SWOS a much more enjoyable game.
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