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Mutation Gold Fixed (Help/advice wanted)

The rare "Mutation Gold" collection has five games, which are:

- Cyber Punks
- Doodlebug
- Tin Toy Adventure
- Tommy Gun
- Castle Kingdoms

Only the top two work on a real CD32. Tommy Gun doesn't work emulated either, it begins to load and then immediately crashes.

In addition, only the top two games have CD32 pad support, whereas the bottom three do not (Keyboard is required for gameplay functions on Tommy Gun and Castle Kingdoms, I think Tin Toy Adventure only requires keyboard for pause etc).

So I thought a worthwhile project would be to fix it up. Fortunately all of the games have slaves that are compatible with JOTD's CD32Load, which also means joypad support can be added where it wasn't before. But here are my difficulties:

- It has a cool menu that I would have liked to keep - however it only loads the five games with their original loaders, I can't substitute the existing executables with CD32Load (it crashes immediately). Not in itself a huge issue, if we implement a substitute menu we could include other mutation games outside of those five (Bug Blast and Nucleus at the very least, possibly with AR Cumming's unreleased betas too)

- The CD32 versions of Cyber Punks and Doodle Bug only launch when run through the menu. Ideally I'd like to keep those versions too - although the floppy versions are compatible with CD32Load, the CD32 versions implement CD32 pad support in interesting ways (eg with Doodle Bug you can do a spin attack from the ground by pressing a button the pad)

So how do we manage this what's the solution?

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