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Spectrum Next

Has anyone else been following this FPGA computer remake?

I've been reading up on it and I'm very impressed with how they are running this project.

I particularly like the way you can choose which classic computer to 'be' on start-up


Apologies if there is already a thread for this as I don't visit as often as I used to.
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OCS rocks!

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Yeah me...

I never had a Spectrum, and do not intend to get a Next, but I really like how they got this thing going.
I just wished they had made this machine a bit less colourful, and more Spectrum like with just more variations of the old Spectrum colours. Apart from that, it's super nice...
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I own 5 different Spectrums (two 48K "rubber keys", one 128K+2 "Grey", one 128K +2A and one 128K +2B), all in full working condition. The 128K +2A I have equipped with a DivMMC EnJOY! and a 8GB SD-Card for all my gaming needs. One of my 48K has a composite mod, a new faceplate and a new plastic case, so it looks brand new. I also have a Retroleum SMART Card Reader and a 4GB SD-Card connected to it. With all this, I don't think I "need" the Next. But I'm still following its developments anyway, because I'm quite interested in the development of FPGA technology. After an initial phase of scepticism, I know think that FPGA is the only way to go for retro-systems (in the long run). The Spectrum Next is, in a way, a prelude for things to come. As the FPGA technology evolves we may start seeing brand new "C64s" and "Atari 800s" spring to life and even more complex machines like "Amigas", "Archimedes" and even the "X68000". In 15 to 20 years time, when most original hardware will be dead due to the effects of the inexorable passage of time, FPGA will be the way to keep these retro systems alive.
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I agree. A high quality FPGA is the future of retro-gaming. The new Super Nintendo from Analogue is another perfect example for that. I love it.

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