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Originally Posted by ferix View Post
I've updated the driver in the first post.
Now it should work on all kickstart versions and machines.

Give thanks to GroovyDrifter for the beta testing.
Thank ferix!
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Highly appreciated both of you!

Will test it soon!
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Old 25 July 2015, 12:08   #103
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I have some prolems. Soldered device like in 1st post, i have 4GB pendrive FAT16 or FAT32 formatted, after turning on power both LEDs on VNC1L flashes two-three times, pendrive LED flashes ones (shortly) and then nothing happens, all LEDs are OFF. On Amiga i have usb.device in Devs:, USB0 in DevsOSDrivers, after this command sequence:
> mount USB0: from Devsosdrivers/USB0
> USB0:
shell hangs. Other processes are running without any problems, but i can't close shell window.
My config: A4000, CSPPC 060@66 604e@233, UWSCSI HDD, CV64, XSurf-100, OS 3.9 with some modifications in s-s (blizkick).
I also tried to update FTDI firmware (using VDAP 3.69) - copied file into root folder of pendrive, rename it to FTRFB.FTD and i think FTDI device doesn't read files on pendrive.
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Hello Jenot,

First of all, we'll try to upgrade the VDIP1 to the latest VDAP firmware.
To achieve it you must first set the jumpers for serial communication and power the interface WITHOUT attaching it to the Amiga.
Once you plug the usb drive with the upgrade file it will start to upgrade the controller.
This is because the VNC waits for the host to start the upgrade, and in parallel mode it's required to feed the controller with some bytes... over serial it's not needed.

By other hand ensure your parallel port is fully working.
This interface uses all the parallel port lines, so if one of them fail it won't work.

I'll attach later a tiny test program for cheking the parallel port communication with the VNC-1L controller.
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I also have this problem, it's not gone.
There are any news about vdip1 (or2) ?
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Did this ever get finished/working reliably? Looks good, would like one if it works, currently using a UAE-ADF-USB-Gotek to transfer files but its a bit of a faff.
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Old 31 January 2017, 02:44   #107
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Old 26 August 2017, 19:44   #108
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Help on A500 1.3


I know this is an old thread, but I ve built the interface, and it doesn't seem to work on my A500 with KS 1.3:

When I mount USB0: nothing special, usb0 is in the assign list
When I type info, nothing about USB0:
When I type USB0: or dir USB0: the lights on the VDIP1 flashes three or four times, and so does the light on the USB pen drive, and the Amiga just freeze completely, no more mouse movement or keyboard response...

I know some of you had similar issues with KS 2.05 or 3.1, but it should work with my config...

The only difference with Ferix test computer is that mine has a 4MB Baseboard expansion fitted, and 1 MB chip instead of 512 Kb.

I tried removing all of the baseboard stuff, but same thing (freeze).

Many thanks to everyone that could help me solve this issue, I really would like to get my USB interface working, as I only have a Gotek drive...

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Asking stupid questions
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Ferix' source code can be found here and archived. Unfortunately it has an older date stamp than the latest driver. It looks like he has life problems, and may not get back to his projects.

I hope we hear from Ferix again - a true Amiga pioneer
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