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Question Help me get emulators set up! (on older PC)

Two months ago I still had a modern PC with huge hard drive and all current versions of emulators (& roms etc) for my favorite systems (Amiga, C64, NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, MAME) set up, then the computer was destroyed. I'm really poor and now the best PC I've got is a Pentium 4 mobile 1.8GHz / 768MB / Radeon 7500 / Win XP laptop with a small hard drive. Luckily I've got most my favourite disk/disc etc images on external HD but I need emulators and since this computer isn't very fast etc, I wanted to ask your help, which emulators and versions to get (& maybe settings to use) to get all the great oldies running at proper speeds?

I mostly miss Amiga, Genesis, MAME and C64. I'm pretty sure I'll use WinUAE like I've in the past but should I get the newest version or would some old version run faster? I'm gonna mostly play A500 OCS games. As for the other emulators (except MAME), I don't even have a favourite emulator, which emus (& versions) would you suggest for this PC?

Help me get back to retrogaming. Sucks that my health's been declining, haven't had a proper sleep in ages and got some serious side-effects from all the medication, feel like I lack half a brain :| I used to be good at googling and setting stuff up myself, finding my own way but now I feel like I need somebody to help me with everything...oh well, atleast I'm still alive - and hopefully gaming soon

PS. Hope this is the right place for the post. I'm not really a newbie but feel like it in my current situation and state. No clue what emus to get to...
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Amiga - WinUAE 1.6.0
MegaDrive - Kega Fusion 3.64 or Gens
C64 - WinVice 1.16
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Also, if some games you play in MAME are supported by Final Burn Alpha, it is much more faster:
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Thanks a lot s2325! Downloaded those, will try 'em soon after I'm done with laundry and dinner...

There's this one MAME game I'd really like to get running, or two, Vindicators I & II Any recommendations on should I just try the latest MAME and roms or would it be better to go for older version straight away? Dunno if they've done anything to that particular game in past years but I wouldn't mind playing some other arcade wonders too...

edit: Gotta take a look at Final Burn Alpha too. Which would be better to get me to Vindicate?
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Got Amiga, Sega, NES, C64 and MAME working _o/ What would be the recommended emu for SNES? Also wondered that what's the difference between WinUAE 1.6.0 (currently set up and working like suggested) and WinUAE 1.6.1?
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Try SNES9x 1.53
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I find with my Pentium M laptop (used mostly for emulation) that Linux is a faster option than Windows,I have UAE, SNES9x, MAME, Gens, FUSE, Frodo, VICE and DeSMuME and they all work better than on my Win 8 Netbook.

SNES9x works very well under Windows, Linux or Android - playing Godzilla or Mario Kart on my phone is bliss
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