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CD32 Launch games

I'm currently working on a CD32 history episode for the AMIGArama podcast. Just trying to find out a few details but struggling... does anyone know what the launch titles were? What could you buy when you wandered into the shops from day 1?

Don't think they exist but... does anyone have the total sales figures for it?
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Maybe check the magazines at that time, sept 1993 - http://amr.abime.net/issue_343 ("The one" got a nice coverage)..
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There were no formal "launch titles" - just stuff that came out around the same time as the machine. Remember that this whole launch/release date "event" thing is a relatively recent phenomenon. In the early 90s, you simply finished your game, sent it to manufacturing/distribution, and it got to the shops whenever the carrier delivered it.

In the US, I seem to remember NO titles being available at all. Commodore or the dealer where you bought the machine later sent The Chaos Engine and Microcosm to customers as part of a promotion called "Spectacular Voyage".
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There was a local shop just outside of St. Louis that had a cd32 on display, and it would demo Microcosm.
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Diggers and Oscar
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Wasn't very many at all, bar the Diggers and Oscar (even the latter was the early A1200 version as the CD32 version wasnt finished!) Pinball Fantasies was one game out, its a bit hazy which games came out in Sep or Oct/Nov time, i know Zool didnt make the launch either.

Looks like James Pond 2 made the launch too.

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Thanks all.
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My CD32 (NTSC variant) came with sleepwalkers and pinball fantasies on one disk that was bundled with the CD32.

I remember Microcosm was making a big splash around the same time.
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