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How to run Nightlong Union City Conspiracy in FS-UAE

I’m running the 68k version of Nightlong with 68k patch 1.2.
Framerate seems to be just as fast as the PC version, but there is graphics corruption around the main character (pixels with different colours).
When I click the Nightlong 68k icon there is a screen requester offering me two screen resolutions, UAE 640x512 16 bit PC and UAE 640x480 16 bit PC.
The "PC" ones are not good and produce the corruption around the main character.
I have edited System:Prefs:ENV-archive:Picasso96:ShowModes from “Essential” to “All”. But I cannot find any non-PC screen resolutions.
Is it possible to use picasso iv zorro 3 emulation in ClassicWorkbench Lite with Workbench 3.1, in order to find non-pc screen resolutions?

My configuration:

Hardware: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.5 GHz.
4 GB RAM DDR2 800MHz
Samsung SSD 250 GB
NVIDIA Geforce GTX 460
NVIDIA driver version: 390.138
Manjaro Linux
Awesome Window Manager
Workbench 3.1
Classic Workbench Lite v28.
FS-UAE configuration:
FS-UAE version: 3.0.5-1
FS-UAE-launcher version: 3.0.5-2
Amiga 4000
3.1 ROM, 68040 CPU
Chipram 8 MB
Graphics card: UAEGFX
Graphics card RAM: 32 MB
JIT compiler: Enabled

I have tried to run this game also in WinUAE without graphics corruption, but the framerate is way too slow. Probably because I run it from inside Linux using Wine instead of natively in Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise.
Is there a way to use exactly the same settings in FS-UAE instead of WinUAE i.e. change "R5G6B5PC (*)" to "R5G6B5" and how do I do it?

Thanks in advance/
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Hi, I haven't looked into this yet, but a couple of quick comments

* It is quite possible that I have only added the R5G6B5PC modes in FS-UAE (haven't checked, but presumably based on what you write).
* It is probably not a big deal to add those to FS-UAE.
* Using R5G6B5 (and not R5G6B5PC) - I assume this is related to byte ordering - will be a bit slower than R5G6B5PC, since additional byte swapping must be performed on the video frame before displaying it.

But if you can please check this first:
- With WinUAE, do you observe the same corruption if you switch to a R5G6B5PC (*) mode?
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Answer: Yes.
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