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Stick out tongue Best packaged games for the Amiga!

I've just gotten Soccer Kid in the post recently and it had some great stuff inside, the usuals; floppy disks with nice print, well illustrated manuals and a poster. I'm also waiting on Frontier: Elite II which had several manuals and a huge poster of the star system.

What were the best packaged games you can remember and what was so good about them?
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Batman The Movie came with stickers.
Some code protected games game with nice computers to calculate the codes.
PGA Golf came with a huge manual, if you are interested in learning golf.
UFO CD32 version has a very nice reflective box.
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Adrian Browne
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Mostly all the psygnosis stuff. Awesome' has amazing artwork. Shadow of the beast came with a t-shirt.

Myth' has a nice full colour poster inside and other bits and bobs.
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Microprose Stuff like F15 Strike Eagle, Silent Service II, Knights of the sky and so on. I always loved the big manuals, maps, etc.
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Just imagine manual only in digital form in Amiga times
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My ultimate goal in life is to finally get my hands on one of those original BEAST T-Shirts!
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Darkseed is pretty cool but very easily squished due to it's shape. I liked the cannon fodder bullet keyring and the box camo. Wing commander has nifty ship blueprints.
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Vaxine, in the round metal tin.
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Jimmy Whites snooker had the rules in nice big manual and also some chalk.
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Old 13 November 2014, 15:16   #10
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Driller had very nice 3D map of the planet.
Federation of free traders came with an audiotape.
Starglider II has awesome and funny novella and audiotape.
Carrier command has an audiotape and a sticker.

Also a lot of other Rainbird games had wonderful packages.

Flight of the Intruder - a large map and thick novella.
Plan 9 from outer space was equipped with VHS videotape.

Some games (Beneath a steel sky) had a comic book, many have a poster.

Dynablaster was packaged with parellel joystick adapter

... and many many other examples of really valuable game boxes.
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Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles came with a pack of stickers, postcards and temp tattoos. I still have all mine unused
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Bills Tomato game game with a bookmark, a sachet of Tomato source (Which is still unopened).

Zool2 came with a sticker set and a poster.

Pinball fantasies came with a poster.

Flight of the Amazon Queen came with Game guide book, which was a bit odd to include. I gave that to my dad at the time so that I couldn't be tempted to sneak a peak at it when I was stuck.

I was livid when I learned my parents had chucked out all my c64 stuff. I didn't get a chance to go over and save any of it!. Last ninja was quite a big box and it came with a Ninja Hood/Mask. The pride of my collection was all the big box Thalamous games mostly disk versions.
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I like Their Finest Hour's thick book. 200 pages of history, photos, stories, facts, battle maps etc. Specs of planes, their aerodynamic handling etc.
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Thread necro!! ;-)
I was thinking of posting about Amiga game boxes, but searched first for an existing thread. This one is pretty close...

I was specifically wondering if anyone other than me really loved the original flat packaging that some of the Amiga games came in?
Those are my favorite packages!!
(Maybe because I grew up in the "vinyl record era" and it reminds me of that.)

I was also impressed with the t-shirts in the Shadow of the Beast. (I know, easily impressed!)
In a weird way, I was also impressed with the cardboard foldout that holds the 6 floppies for Dragon's Lair rather than just having them loose in a box.

I just picked up a copy of Eliminator and thought it was interesting the way the plastic insert is designed for 2 tape cassettes or 1 floppy disk. ;-)
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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
Flight of the Intruder - a large map and thick novella.
Flight of the intruder was super! Best big box game I owned! Using the maps to plan your own mission was just so cool to me.
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Ultima V (along with other Ultima games, I believe) had a colorful cloth map of Britannia and a "Moonstone".

Suspicious Cargo came with a band aid, it had something to do with the main character Jonah Hayes I think.

Those kinds of feelies are only found in overpriced collector's editions nowadays, sadly. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy had a pair of Joo Janta 200 Super-Chromatic Peril Sensitive Sunglasses, among other stuff
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With MMU and FPU!

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Which Amiga game has the best overall box experience?

Which Amiga original box do you like the most? I'm not just talking about the cover art but the overall experience, e.g. manual, goodies, etc.

I think Lemmings 2 is very nice because inside the box there is a beautiful folder that holds a book about the history of the Lemmings tribes, the disks, and the actual manual. And let's not forget there were different Lemmings 2 pins inside those boxes as well! So really a nice overall experience!
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I swear that there was a very recent thread asking similar but damned if I can find it now...
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From memory, the ones I remember are the ones that included a t-shirt. ;-)
I still have my original Beast 2 t-shirt. (A bit worn.. I wore it a bit back in the day. Was very surprised several years ago when I found out I still had it.
That and the Roger Dean art always impressed me with the Psygnosis releases.

As I've mentioned before, just for general asthetic, I really love the original flat packs.
Just picked up Hacker in that format. Something about those really appeal to me...
(Non-Amiga, I was a sucker for the Ultima series. Cloth maps, gorgeous manuals and trinkets.. Awesome!)
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The Psygnosis boxes were always very impressive, with their slick inner black boxes. I think though, for me, the feel of a heavy box was something special, because a hefty manual was a good sign. Birds of Prey and Railroad Tycoon both did that for me, pretty sure Civilization had a satisfying weight to it too. Probably not the most impressive boxes, but the whole package was always something I appreciated.
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