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Originally Posted by TEOL View Post
Does this keep the aspects of the old one though. Being able to play every tracker format ever made for the AMIGA plus more of other systems from 8-Bit to 32-Bit obviously only outputting in 8-Bit over the AMIGA but still working.

If so we seriously need the real thing ported on PC Deliplayer, XMP, UADE in the BZR Player frontend really doesn't do it justice anymore as there are no new versions made in years so some have problems on sub songs on Lemmings in UADE the latest thing on Windows some tracks don't run but most do and some load from XMP not UADE due to clashing with spectrum analyzers so we need something to do the spectrums on the Eagleplayers really and the real Eagleplayer so that every track works too.

Yeah, so Eagleplayer 2.5 for Windows anyone? There is real room for a PC version which just works Deliplayer isn't it anymore because not maintained and BZR's UADE UI whilst better than Deli now isn't quite Eagleplayer it's an all in one place thing but not standalone every format ever AMIGA style and it switches between multiple players on some amiga bits and Deli as it's old and you have to fart about getting it running with Compatability Mode as it's out of date on both the players and OS is just doesn't cut it as the stand alone anymore.

Anyone up to the challenge of a full up to date on codecs and all AMIGA player for the PC.

Maybe add the channels off and on to grab samples on wave record mode and notes going down on the player feature of BZR but on Eagleplayers instead of XMP it kinda looks like when playing mods through tracker software but you can click on them and enable and disable sound channels.

And then for the true icing of the cake the latest 2017 build of the players themselves will be in it due to being Eagleplayer for PC.

Gotta make it happen guys tired of 10-2 years out of date PC Players.

As Delitracker/Player 2 and Eagleplayer 2 codecs have always been interchangable for the PC one we only want the best of the best codec revisions that work perfect according to the people but mostly it will be the 2017 ones probably.
Eagleplayer is written in 68k Assembly. You'd be lucky to get it running on OS4 or MorphOS. It is unportable to Wintel without either an emulator or a total rewrite. I'd stick to UADE sources for now.

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