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Into the Wonderful

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The first games I saw were the ones I got with my Amiga500.
I bought the Batman pack and got Batman the movie, The Newzealand story and F/A18 Interceptor. Having had a C64 before that I loved em all, but when I got Shadow of the Beast....WOW!!! my jaw dropped and I was forever hooked. Even to this day I dont think Ive played a more atmospheric series of games. My all time faves on the Amiga were all the Bitmaps games though.
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I will never forget when the A500 had just came out and the Atari ST was still fairly new! This shop called "The Games Cupboard" had the a500 and atari st side-by-side...

I had a Speccy at the time and seeing this amiga blew me away and i vowed to own one someday. They had this game on it called "War in middle earth" and i also seen reviews of this game and amiga stuff in a mag called "ACE"

What really clinched it for me was "Shadow of the beast" that came with the screen gems pack! my m8 got it for xmas and he became the most popular kid in the street LOL!!

I had to wait a few years for my first 500 and ive been hooked to amiga's ever since and always will be
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Old 31 March 2002, 09:55   #83
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For my friends bithday he had a sleep over, and we were up all night playing his Amiga 500. It's the first time i ever played one, and the game that sticks in my mind the most was "It came from the desert", ohh and a crappy "strip poker game :-)
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The first Amiga game I ever saw was Marble Madness.

We were at the computer store, looking for a computer to buy, and there was the typical IBM pc, the B&W Macintosh Plus, and of course, the Amiga.

Needless to say, we bought the Amiga
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Old 08 April 2002, 12:42   #85
Fanatically Amiga.

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Originally posted by Dastardly
The first games I saw were the ones I got with my Amiga500.
I bought the Batman pack and got Batman the movie, The Newzealand story and F/A18 Interceptor. But when I got Shadow of the Beast....WOW!!! my jaw dropped and I was forever hooked. Even to this day I dont think Ive played a more atmospheric series of games. My all time faves on the Amiga were all the Bitmaps games though.
Its about the same for me, I saw F/A18 in the shop, and I just laughed at the DOS PeeCee's.

10 minutes later I walked out of Dixons with my own A500 Batman pack on HP.

I bought Shadow of the Beast 1 and 2, and I still have the T-Shirts somewhere.
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Old 10 April 2002, 23:39   #86
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Big grin

Crystal Hammer. It was fullscreen, so colourful, smooth and had a so better sound that what I had on my ST. It really kicked ass and made me change my mind.
Old 11 April 2002, 23:43   #87
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mine was the simpsons, Bart Vs Space Mutants.It came with the A600, when i got it i thought it was impossible! i still like playing the game now, and i never completed it (i never completed much)
Old 28 April 2002, 22:20   #88
Mad Mark
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1. North & South

2. Dogs of war

3. Larry 1
Old 29 April 2002, 15:30   #89
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DOTC...A friend got it in a bundle with his new A500. I was stunned by the gfx and detail of the game (mind you I had a C64 at the time)...Unfortunately I couldn't afford one myself.

A few years later I got an A500 (it had a 5 1/4 external diskdrive & a homemade bootselector ) and a bunch of pirated games....Don't remember what I played first, but I do remember being very impressed by both Xenon 2 & Flashback.
Old 21 May 2002, 05:08   #90
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mine was that wee egg guy with
the catchy wee tune but i could
never find all the coins ah dizzy
that wiz his name
Old 23 May 2002, 14:10   #91
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First game I saw (and played) was North & South (shortly followed by Cabal) on a friend's Amiga 500 in October-ish '89. Thought it was great.
I'd never heard of Amiga until that point but from then on I was hooked - managed to get a second hand Amiga 500 (Batman pack) that Christmas - it came with Falcon which I loved (strange as I didn't normally like flight sims).
Old 12 June 2002, 15:45   #92
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My first Amiga game I ever witnessed either was Marble Madness or Zack McKracken.

The first game I owned myself was Starglider 2, it came with the Amiga.
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Originally posted by Cam
He he. I'd completely forgotten about that whale. Thinking about it now, I bet it was a tribute to Douglas Adams. Ever read Hitch Hiker's Guide?

I used to work for Argonaut - the creators of Starglider 2. (Though I joined the company after they had done it).

One of the things I found out about the game is that the whale song was actually a dog's whining bark speeded up!

The Emma2 car was a reference to the MR2 that Jeremy San (the boss of Argonaut) owned at the time.

The Millway planet was a reference to Mill Way, the London road Argonaut was previously based in, and not to Milliways the HHGTTG restaurant.
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Sword of Sodan. saw it on my cousins A500. Huge sprites and lots of crackling lightning and clanking sounds. my Atari ST didn't last long after checking out his Amiga games collection.
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my first game on the amiga was this really dumb Mickey Mouse Game (for people who donĀ“t know what i am talking about:

I was really impressed, i got my A500 on christmas, and it was the first game i played on the amiga.
Before that i had a Schneider CPC 464, also known as Amstrad with a green monitor.

Few days later i got Police Quest 1 as a birtday gift from my grandmother, Hell i love this game.

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Give up the ghost
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I kinda liked Mickey Mouse, but I'm a sucker for any game with ghosts in it.

BTW, welcome to EAB. I ran across your site some time ago and really enjoyed it. Nice coverscans!
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Old 17 June 2002, 15:46   #97
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Hey thanx

So i am glad to inform you that we will relaunch mightygamers in August 02.
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my first amiga game was lotus turbo challenge 2; i was about 4 and spent hours round my dad's mates house just to play on it
later on, my dad and most of his other mates also went out and bought one! funny how it catches on !
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The first game I saw and played was Kick Off 2 with the FINAL Whistle addon.

When i got my A500+ I got Lemmings, Captain Planet and Bart Simpson VS. The Space Mutants.

My fave PRE 1994 games were perhaps Moonstone(I LOVE THIS GAME, where can I get it for WinUAE?), Crazy Cars 3, Syndicate, Jaguar XJ220(I used to love making my own tracks), F1 Grand Prix, Frontier: Elite 2, Knights Of The Sky, F15 SE2, Fighter Bomber(Had some of the best graphics for a sim... at the time), Cruise For A Corpse, Shadow Of The Beast 2.

Think that's about it.
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Thumbs up

When I bought my 500 It came with Goldrunner, Defender Of The Crown and some Karate Kid game.

Defender Of The Crown sure made the mouth drop open, well it did way back then.
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