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the first game i ever played was Crazy Cars by titus it sucked it came with my A500 along with putput minigolf and SuperSki we hated those games so much we ended up taking the Amiga back to the shop and getting our money back (we had to damage the A500 first, coffee down the airholes at the front worked well) and then went and bought a secondhand A1000 with a big box of pirate games and 1084 monitor for the same price.
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Crazy Cars was rubbish...
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Old 28 October 2001, 01:47   #63
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Starglider was mine, the chap in the shop was going on about , look, the Amiga is singing ( from the loading music )

Starrrrrr glider.................. from Rainbird!..
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Old 02 November 2001, 11:30   #64
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mines was Xenon, i had a Amstrad CPC464 at the time, so i was well impressed
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First game...

I bought for the Amiga was Menace. I loved everything about that game.. The Really big spaceship that glided in on the screen and dropped you off.. The haunting music..

So I was especially please when I think Amiga Computing did a coding tutorial and included some of the Menace source code on the cover disk.

First time I saw an Amiga was in Harrod's and it was playing the Juggler Demo.. I was there buying a game for my green screen Amstrad PCW wordprocessor - You could imagine how jealous I was.
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Old 06 November 2001, 22:20   #66
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I May aswell chuck my tuppence worth in here

My first Amiga was the Flight of Fantasy pack with Rainbow Islands (Excellent) and F29 Retaliator and Escape From The Planet Of Robot Monsters. The game that made me situp and want an Amiga was Populous, myy girlfriends Dad had a 500 and All i did when I went to see her was play it..

Also Photon Paint impressed me back in '89

The first game I paid cash for was blood money boy was that intro music good
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Old 11 November 2001, 23:50   #67
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Xenon - Atari ST
Beast - Amiga
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Old 22 November 2001, 01:36   #68
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Roll eyes (sarcastic) Defender did it!

The First games I saw on the Amiga were Defender of the Crown,Dark Castle and the abysmal Gfl series of Sport games which I had thrown in when I bought my Miggy in December 87. One problem was when I got it home and checked I had no modulator to connect it to the television so I had to get dad to drive the 20 miles back to Bexhill to get one he he he

Best Miggy game ever must be Damocles IMHO as it contained a whole solar system which was completely explorable.Followed by Frontier.
Old 15 December 2001, 18:53   #69
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the first game that impressed me was Blood Money (the intro only...)

The game that really impressed me was Shadow of the Beast
with wonderfull gfx and paralax scrolling.
Old 19 December 2001, 02:14   #70
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Don't remember the first but level 2 (the car one) of Batman: The Movie was amazing.

I was more amazed by the demo groups at first, and the music.

But I always think the Amiga was never about being amazed by graphics & sound, it was more about gameplay and feeling like you were the anti-PC and the Amiga would eventually dominate the computer world.

I can name 100's of PC games today that look better & sound better than a Amiga - but I cannot think of any that play better.
Old 20 December 2001, 11:06   #71
Tim Janssen
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Big grin History repeating

Jim, you wrote:
“I can name 100's of PC games today that look better & sound better than a Amiga - but I cannot think of any that play better.”
The funny thing is that 10 years ago when the C64 was threatened by the Amiga, everyone complained the Amiga could display better graphics and sounds but playability in games was utter pish compared to C64.
It is funny to see history repeating.
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Old 20 December 2001, 13:42   #72
Dr Xavier
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Starglider was definately the first comp game that got my utter devotion.....and I didn't even have it myself! I used to walk a few km's down the road to get my fix of it.
Anybody know where I can find it? I'm getting memory withdrawals.......
Old 20 December 2001, 14:09   #73
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You can find it at www.aceroms.com under the TOSEC games.
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Old 20 December 2001, 15:23   #74
Dr Xavier
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Big grin

Thanks a million time satisfy those cravings......
Old 20 December 2001, 16:08   #75
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The first amiga game I witnessed playing was a football (soccer) game

The first amiga game screenshot I witnessed was one of the police quests

The first amiga game I actually played was Silk Worm. Oh it was also the day I discovered how a mouse works but who cares anyway
Old 22 January 2002, 03:00   #76
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Fist Games

Hey Burseg, how about ChaosEngine/Soldier of Fortune (what ever they called it in your local ). That game rocked.

My first game was Lemmings, then Alien Breed. Damn, I loved those days. I haven't been that excited about computers games in a long time.
Old 22 January 2002, 06:14   #77
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I know this is an older thread but I have to give my $.02 worth.

For me it was at a local Computer Shop, the game was Firepower by Microillusions and I loved being able to connect remotely to another user and playing CTF with tanks
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Old 21 February 2002, 16:46   #78
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Happy First Amiga Game

Room for one more?

I reckon the first Amiga game I ever saw was Captain Planet (and the Do-Gooders, or something), on my bruv's A500. I had a Speccy at the time, so I thought it was pretty flash! I believe it had a copper rainbow background. No colour clash - woohoo!

It ain't aged very well!
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Old 22 February 2002, 01:19   #79
aka breakpoint

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the first game i witnessed was defender of the crown, and i had a c64 so it was MAJOR leap!

and CAM i have a soft spot for Wizball too! (from the C64 days)

i also have a weakness for Rainbow Islands, i have pretty much every emulated version available, but strangly enough i can't get the Amiga version to work (HELP)!
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Old 09 March 2002, 05:23   #80
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Being a satisfied C64 owner for a few years I went to my classmates house in 1990 and saw this 'Amiga' machine I read so much about in Zzap64.

The first game I saw was SILKWORM. The graphics were great (bitmaps instead of character based graphics) but the sound really BLEW ME AWAY! In magazines I saw the graphics so I knew the Amiga looked good but all I knew about the sound was that it had 4 channels as opposed to the C64s 3 channel SID chip.
I'd heard digitised sound on the C64 (Turbo Outrun) but this was fantastic.

Then he showed me DRAGONS LAIR. *** WOW *** . He played it from start to finish. It was like watching a cartoon. I knew that the game itself was crap but I didn't care - it really showed off the capabilities of the Amiga.

Of course I wanted an Amiga, the only problem was that I couldn't afford one at the time
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