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Old 01 July 2001, 23:35   #21
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The intro to Rocket Ranger...

With Hitler and the SS soldiers, then the Euro map, then the music and ...

Rocket Ranger, this game had not much to offer game wise, but at the time was a complete joy to the eyes!!

A Classic!
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Damage case
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Gday people,
I remember the first time I got to play on an Amiga was at my neighbours place. The elder of the boys had seen one of his mates and managed to convince his parents that they needed one. They got the Amiga 500 Batpack. Hence the first games I saw and played were Batman: The movie, The New Zealand Story and F/A 18 Interceptor.
The same day their mate brought around Battlechess, Zany Golf and a few other games that I didnt take notice of.
Of course I went home to my humble C64 and grovelled to my parents for an Amiga. Took a few months but I got my very own Amiga for christmas that year. Fortunately got the "Old" BatPack rather than the "New" Flight Of Fantasy(Or whatever it was called).

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The first game I saw was Epic HD, which came with my A600 HD.

My 600 also came with Myth, Travail Pursuit and Room AD 1992 with was the best game out of the pack.
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Old 02 July 2001, 12:49   #24
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I lived in British Columbia when the amiga came out. A small hick town of about 10000 people. I think I was one of a handful who had a C64. Later in the year, I moved back to Toronto. Visited my friend who wrote to me that he bought his amiga. Actually he bought shadow of the beast 6 months before he actually owned an amiga.

The first 4 games he showed me were: Shadow of the Beast, Dungeon Master, Hero's Quest by Sierra, and Shadowgate. I loved them all and begged for an amiga that christmas.
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Old 02 July 2001, 18:59   #25
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My Amiga was an unexpected xmas pressie. You should have seen my face when I opened up the pressie, and it was an A600 box. My uncle filmed that xmas, I wonder where that tape is, I want to see my face again I was really surprised, it was the best xmas present I ever got.
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Old 02 July 2001, 19:01   #26
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I see the game in front of me... I was at a friend's house; he invited me in order to conince me to buy an Amiga. I did, shortly after.

The two games that really stuck in my mind were Stuntcar Racer (Geoff Crammond is God of racing on a computer) and another one whose name I don't remember, but it was beatiful. It was some kind of a platformer/side-scroller, with very bright colours, and you were some fantasy knight who had to kill all sorts of monsters. Horses also featured in the game. The background scenery was lovely (lots of bloody pikes, dead bodies, ...) and very graphical (ie mucho blood). The music was also excellent (I
think it was made by The Art Of Noise). Anyone? The title was one word..
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Old 02 July 2001, 22:46   #27
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First Amiga game I saw was Rick dangerous (Had already tried that on the C64 and the Amstrad)

First Amiga game I actually got to play was Cloud kindgoms, or was it Manix? I can't remember, it was a friend of mine who had bought an A500 which came with 3 games, Cloud kingdoms, Manix and some other game which I have forgotten.
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Old 03 July 2001, 05:23   #28
2 contact me: email only!

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First games were Defender of the Crown and Interceptor

A local shop had an Amiga in the window running Defender of the Crown and the juggling balls animation (which must have sold more Amiga's than CBM ever did) - from memory they were on video only with the Amiga left to show the hand holding the disk (god, that was stupid of shops wasn't it!)

Then a friend said he had a killer new flight sim called Interceptor (I was bragging about how good Ace was on the C64 at the time) and went around to see it. He showed me flying under the golden gate bridge and that was pretty special - very smooth 3D, awesome sound etc. I had to wait a couple of years before I got one and the first game I got was Stunt Car Racer (common here isn't it!)
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Old 03 July 2001, 08:30   #29

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Laundromat, I think the game you're taling about is Lionheart?
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Old 03 July 2001, 08:40   #30
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Or "Onslaught"?
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Tim Janssen
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Smile My guess..

I think you refer to Wrath of the Demon. Otherwise it has to be Moonstone, Savage (This game features Maniacs of Noise- music) or Deliverance.

Some months ago I have seen Interceptor for the first time on my Amiga. This game really was way ahead of its time 13 years ago. -Unbelievable. I don't know how they have crammed the whole game on one disc. If I had seen this game that many years ago I would have bought an Amiga instead of a C64.
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Old 03 July 2001, 12:47   #32
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I don't think it could be Moonstone as there weren't really any bloody pikes in the background. Sure there was a lot of blood if you enabled that but I don't remember any pikes. BTW does anyone know how to make Moonstone run on an A1200? I've tried getting to run with TUDE. I think it's run 3 or 4 times in total otherwise it just freezes at the loading section before the main menu.
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Originally posted by Twistin' Ghost
Or "Onslaught"?
Ding! Ding! Onslaught it was! Thanks!
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Old 11 July 2001, 21:29   #34
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Buggy Boy and Ikari Warriors

Sorry, but the intro in Ikari Warriors (plane crashing) was soo impresive to me at the time.

And Buggy Boy (think that was the title) was also sooo impressive, I had come from a Amstrad computer, so the colours etc in the games looked amazing from what I had known.
Old 13 July 2001, 02:54   #35
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the first game that impressed me was insanity fight! which is a completely £$%£% game but after coming from a speccy everythin on the amiga blew me away insanity fight was the first game that was loaded and hey it had bright colours and speech!
it was part of the tenstar pack that came with the miggy
the first few i had that i really was impressed by was buggy boy, wizball and mercenary (it was 3d and it was fast)!
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Into the Wonderful
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The first game that I ever saw on an Amiga was Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade- it came with the Amiga 500, along with Kick Off and F 18 interceptor. It was OK, I suppose.

But shortly afterwards, I saw Gods at a friend's place, and it completely blew me away. I just had to buy it. I really loved the ancient, mythical theme, the monsters, the weapons, and the many, many secrets.

The Bitmap Brothers went on to become one of my favourite game developers.
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Old 13 July 2001, 09:41   #37
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In the early Amiga years, the Bitmap Brothers releases were benchmarks for quality games. Gods, Xenon 2, Speedball 1 & 2, and others.

Superb graphics, excellent music (the remix of the Gods tune by Mad Freak is the best) and, unusually, good gameplay.
Old 24 July 2001, 17:19   #38
Into the Wonderful
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No offence, Khephren, but why do you say, "unusually good gameplay?"
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Old 24 July 2001, 17:24   #39
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Ok I'll attempt to explain.

The Amiga game software houses great potential.

Many early Amiga were utter crap. Gameplay were sacrificed for great graphics.

The bitmap brother changed that - like I said - Superb graphics, excellent music and, unusually (for games at the time), good gameplay.

Speedball 2 and Xenon 2 still rate as classics.
Old 11 August 2001, 00:09   #40
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My first was also Blood Money, I really liked the intro and the music! I also liked Test Drive and IK+ then cause I saw them at the same time.
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