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All Amiga's were nice, but the 3000D and T were the best engineered with better components etc. Sadly the 4000D was so stripped down and cheapened it wasn't much of an upgrade. When we had a Amiga club meeting back in the day, a friend just got a new 4000D with a 030, and the 3000D was faster overall. AGA was nicer than ECS, but most everything else was cheaper/lesser.

In a nutshell, the thicker steel, look and feel, built in SCSI, FF, even had matching screws for the sides made it a nice complete system. It had nice touches and attention to details. That is when the engineers had a high level of influence over the system, before the dark times.

Those are some of the reasons why some Amiga users think the 3000D/T was the best system produced by Commodore.
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So do I regret selling stuff?

Oh yes every single day!

I have just became aware of a CDTV for sale, Im scouring the details/pictures for even the slightest hint it could be my old one. It is silly tbh but I wish I never sold mine back in the day. Around 1995/96 I think?

I remember putting my name inside ontop of the power supply and having to glue the reset button back onto the frame that holds all the buttons, pretty poor design much like the cheap hifis of the day.

I also regret selling my first amiga, an A500m same for an A600. Everything else I have hung onto.
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I bought a A1200 from this guy who made a living from pirating games. When I bought this from him he had moved onto the PS1. It had so much with it and 1000's of disks.

I had to sell when I was short of cash. I always kept hold of my original A500 that will never be sold.
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I regret taking my A1200 to the dump...
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I regret giving my A1200 to a "friend" was begging me for ages to have it, late found out he sold it...
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I put a Mac Colour Classic out in the rain next to my bins. It stayed there for weeks, looking all forlorn until the trash people finally took it. I also was given a whole BBC Micro B with disk drives, monitors, software. But I took so long to go pick it up, my friends wife dumped it all. I can’t forgive myself.
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Solo Kazuki
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I'm regretting selling my last Amiga before one i have now.

It was A1200 with Blizzard PPC 603 with 603e@160MHz and 68040@40MHz with 128MB FastRAM. It was hardware which in these days when i have it could play many videos - MPEG Video and also VideoCD, some AVIs/QT/etc with lighter codecs (e.g. DixV/Xvid) with yet 320 x 2xx resolutions. MPEG Audio were normal thing, I finished on this hardware Quake (on PPC it was flying) and some others FPPs, Super Metroid (on SNES9x emulator for PPC, but without sound) and many other games for AmigaOS (+WarpUp and PowerUp) and many emulators.

Now i have bought not too long ago just A1200 with 8MB FastRAM and for my nowadays usage is rather enough. But sometimes i'm missing my rather powerful Amiga setting which sometimes could break someone's world order (e.g. "It's Quake/Movie played on Amiga?!?").
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At the time to let my entire collection of Amiga Format and CUAmiga Cover-CD's go - that was tough. I needed to clear the space and I needed the cash. They were a mini-internet of Amiga goodness at a time when PC's and Windows dominated my life.

Fortunately they can all be found online now.

And whilst I love my A1200 I had to sell my A500 to part-pay for it. Would have been nice to keep it.
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Probably late 90's I sold my boxed Amiga 2000 at a boot sale for £50 and was pretty pleased with myself! I've currently got two A1200's but still miss my 2000...
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I sold my Amiga 500 about 10 years ago but I never regretted it. I absolutely loved it at the time but I I now use my laptop for coding and making little games. I tend to use other 16bit consoles to play the arcade-style games on. So I was only missing games like Populous, Dungeon Master etc

About 8 years ago I bought a CD32 to replace it and play enhanced Amiga games

I would say I think everyone who sold their CD32 regrets it now .
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I don't regret selling but where I sold them at "www.greedy-selfish-dealers.com" people get there knickers in a twist over a £2.50 game so much so a moderator steps in with gangster attitude and deletes my reply to his post then PMs me and said it made him look bad fucking pathetic.

Then exchanges PMs with me with attitude, hilarious I decided to ban myself.
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I had an Amiga 500+ when I was younger, some time in the early 90s and it was modified for games compatibility. I absolutely loved it and have not sold it, however as PC gained traction I stored in our garage and moved onto PCs. A few years back I got a hankering to get back into the Amiga and reply some of my childhood favorites such as Lemmings, K240, MI etc only to discover that my dad have given my beloved Amiga to my uncle since I was no longer using it. This was fine as long as it was being cared for and I could get it back. When I approached my uncle he told me has no idea of what might have happened it to and was possibly thrown away...

Needless to say I am not on really on good terms with my uncle
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Originally Posted by sittingduck View Post
Nice rig. If it was just a few years ago, why did you get rid of it? Would imagine someone owning an Amiga in 2018 would be in it for life :-)

Actually, I'm in quite the opposite situation. Could never let go of my beloved Amiga 500 which is still in excellent condition. And when all my friends wanted to ditch their Amigas 25 years ago, I "took them in" along with all the accessories (joysticks, hundreds of disks, adapters etc.) Couldn't bear them ending up in a dumpster. Still have them in my basement, and your post made me think that it might be time to pass them on to someone who would actually use them (will keep my own 1989 era-Amiga, of course).

Sorry, late reply as work has been mega busy over the past month

Thanks, yes I sold her due to lack of use mainly I had a pair of 2000s at one point (an early rev 4.3 and this one).

For some reason there are a LOT of 2000s in Germany (where I bought my two)
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Miss my two A4000...
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I definitely regret selling my A1000 and assorted books. I got them now again, but I should have kept my original one.
I don't even remember when or where I sold it... I needed the money to get a PC, which I couldn't afford at that time, without ditching my other stuff.
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